October 3, 2022

How NBA First Half & Quarter Betting Works

1H is also known as first half-pr quarter betting. There isn’t much to it. You are betting on the first quarter/first half of the game, rather than the spread, the total for the entire game. With first-half spreads and totals being almost half of the full-game figures and first-quarter spreads and totals being, you guessed it, nearly a quarter of the full-game numbers, it is evident that the numbers will be lower.

Why Place Half-Game Bets Instead of Full-Game Bets?

Similar to full-game betting, specific teams do well in these areas, and various trends emerge that are worthwhile if you can notice them early enough. For instance, the Memphis Grizzlies made a lot of money during the 2018–19 season by covering the first-half spread more frequently than any other club.

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