October 3, 2022

You place a bet on both probable outcomes of one event, known as a double result bet. This kind of gamble is similar to a two-leg same-game parlay; both must win for the chance to be considered successful.

The NBA is where double result betting is most popular because you may wager on both the first- and second-half results. Let’s go over a sample below.

Consider that the Milwaukee Bucks are the heavy favorites when the Charlotte Hornets travel to face them (-10). Now that you believe the Bucks will dominate this game from start to finish, you are hesitant to lay 10 points in case the Hornets pull off a back-door cover.

You can place a double result wager that the Bucks will win both the first and second halves instead of picking Bucks -10. Based on the spread, this is a lot more likely result, and to take that bet, you would have to lay about (-275) in juice.

The Bucks may win each half by just one point and then miss the cover by eight points since they would only win by two points, which is why the probability is more substantial in favor of a Bucks double outcome. In a double outcome bet, the score resets halfway, and the Bucks must win the second half by at least 1 point.

What if the opening period is tied? In this case, a Bucks double result would automatically be a loss if the first half ends in a tie because you may bet on that.

If you want highly long odds, you can typically wager on a first-half draw and the Bucks winning the second half at odds of about 25/1. The underdog experiences the same thing.

As a 10-point underdog, the Hornets will pay about 6/1 if you want to wager on them to win both halves. Finally, state you believe the Bucks will eventually overwhelm the Hornets and win the second half despite the Hornets dominating the first half. In a contest with a 10-point spread, the odds typically pay roughly 4/1 for such a scenario.

Sports like soccer and football also provide double outcome bets, commonly employed in contests with two halves.

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