What does handicap mean in basketball betting?

September 28, 2022

Now that you know how to bet using a money line, handicap betting could be a vital strategy if a particular team is heavily favored to defeat its opponents. Bookmakers offer a handicap in this sort of wagering to level the playing field. It aids in dispelling the notion of ability prejudice.

A – or + symbol, for example, +6.5 points, is used to indicate a handicap. It is essential when calculating the final score and serves to establish the game’s outcome for the sake of the wager. As a result, the ultimate result may differ from the handicap result. Here’s an illustration:

Team A: (+7.5) 2.050

Team B: (-7.5) 1.862

If Team B prevails (102-98), you will lose wagers on their handicap. Due to the handicap wager, the team enters the game with a score of minus 7.5 points, and the players must deduct 7.5 points from the final total. The result will favor Team A (94.5-98). If Team B prevailed 106–98, Team B would still triumph if the final handicap result was 98.5–98; This is known as “covering the handicap.”

Basketball handicap betting is quite popular due to the method of scoring. A handicap can be applied in two ways: either the favorite has points deducted from their total, or the underdog team is hypothetically awarded extra facts at the start of the game. By doing this, the chances are balanced, and betting on an unbalanced match becomes much more competitive.

To illustrate, here is an example:

We provide you with a “Handicap – Including Overtime” wager on a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers, wherein Golden State will win by at least six points (-5.5) or the Lakers won’t lose by more than five points (+5.5). It’s that simple: If you bet on the Warriors with the handicap and they win by seven points, you win. With handicap betting, a player has the opportunity to increase odds or turn a dangerous wager into a safe one.

In NBA betting, over/under wagers are also incredibly common because sometimes more than 220 points are scored in a single game. Players, therefore, have little probability of correctly guessing the outcome or the total number of points. In its place, an over/under market is presented.

In over/under wagers, a bettor makes a wager on whether the game will score more or fewer points than a specific goal. You may place a wager on a Pistons vs. Bucks game that will result in +190.5 points. Your wager is successful if 191 points are scored. Most over/under bets have odds close to these points because an NBA game often has between 180 and 220 points scored, on average.

In addition, you can wager on the outcomes of the first half and the first quarter. Therefore, you might increase your odds of winning a bet if you believe a team will start well but may not have enough to secure the win. You back the team (or teams) you think will be in the lead after the first quarter or halftime, much like in a matched wager.

Basketball bets on specific players are also popular, typically because each club has a great player. For instance, you might want to wager on Luka Doncic to lead his side in scoring during a particular match. Since Doncic is such a strong point guard, the Slovenian’s chances of leading the scoring in a game may be pretty slim. Basketball betting on top scorers is still common and a terrific method to follow a player you like even if you don’t like their team!

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