What does money line mean in betting basketball?

September 28, 2022

Choosing a team to win the game is what you do when you place a Moneyline wager. There are two possible outcomes, and you must select one. That is all there is to it!

The Moneyline would encourage you to bet on either the Pistons or the Warriors to win the game outright if the Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors were playing a basketball game.

Moneylines are among the most popular bet types in most online sportsbooks, including DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars Sportsbook. Compared to parlays or point spread betting, a Moneyline wager is easier to comprehend and has fewer complications and ambiguities. It’s the ideal choice for those just starting in online sports betting.

The Important Info About the NBA Moneyline

Because two teams can play each other simultaneously, there are only two alternatives on an NBA Moneyline.

The Moneyline will probably utilize what is known as “American odds,” depending on your chosen sportsbook.

Each team will have a positive number (such as +150) or a negative number next to it while viewing the Moneyline (e.g., 125). In most cases, the underdog will have a positive number next to it. Mostly, the favorite will have a negative number next to it.

The payment decreases as the favorite increases. The amount increases with the size of the underdog.

Both sides may have a negative number in games that are predicted to be highly close (e.g., -105 and -115). In such circumstances, the team that is nearer zero is marginally preferred.

Moneyline bets are occasionally described as another option for point-spread bets that are offered differently. This statement has some truth but doesn’t tell the whole story; therefore, we would say it’s false than true. There will be many circumstances where Moneyline bets are the preferable choice.

How They Operate

Basketball Moneyline bets are wagers on the team you believe will win the match. It entirely depends on who wins the game; there are no point spreads to cover or other requirements. It doesn’t matter if the Orlando Magic win the game by 1 point or 100 points if you bet on them on the Moneyline. Either way, you get your money back. You will lose your wager if they lose the game by however many points. You may already be asking how the sportsbook will make these bets fair if you’ve read our section on point spread wagers (which we recommend you do before reading this section).

There is a critical distinction between Moneyline and point spread wagers. Each bet does something different to level the playing field and make a bet fairer. As we discussed, the number of points a team is favored or underdogged by affects how point spread bets are adjusted. While this is accomplished when placing Moneyline bets by tampering with the payouts.

The higher the favorite, the lower the payout for a winning wager.

The higher a team’s underdog status, the greater the payout on a winning bet.

Spreading to cover is useless once more. With point spread bets, you can wager on a team you believe will lose the game and yet win. With Moneyline bets, this privilege is nullified.

You will win Moneyline bets less frequently but receive far higher payouts. For this reason, many people like to assert that wagers are essentially the same thing. The extra money you will receive for Moneyline wins should compensate for the fewer wins. Theoretically, using the same picks over the long term should result in an identical profit; This is purely theoretical, though.

Moneyline bets are represented by a plus or minus sign before the odds to indicate whether a team is the favorite or underdog. A plus sign denotes an underdog team, whereas a minus sign denotes a favorite team. The appropriate number represents how much the squad is a favorite or underdog; The favorite or underdog will be larger the higher the number. For instance, a team that is -260 has a more significant advantage than a team that is -135. A team with a +380 handicap is a more substantial underdog than a team with a +190 handicap.

This is the safest wager that is offered. You choose a winning team; You benefit if they triumph; You lose if they lose. You will receive payment depending on how likely or unlikely the bookmaker believes your win will be.

What if the two money lines are the same?

Occasionally, but not always, both money lines will be negative (e.g., -115 and -105). If so, the one closer to zero is more likely to win. The underdog and favorite are distinguished by the size of the odds disparity between the two teams.

Basketball Odds in Decimals or Fractions Although “American odds” are the most popular way to express NBA moneylines, you may also come across sportsbooks that use fractional or decimal odds. Most sportsbooks let you switch between American, decimal, and fractional odds when displaying the odds. Decimal and fractional odds are a more prominent betting terminology component, so you should learn it well!

Understanding Decimal Odds

A multiplier is represented by decimal odds, such as “2.10” or “1.90.” Multiply the amount you wish to stake by the decimal to get how much you stand to win. Your return, which includes your initial wager of $5, would be $10.50 if you placed a $5 bet at odds of 2.10. Your profit is a mere $5.50 as a result. 1.91 is a -110 Moneyline, whereas 2.10 represents a +110 moneyline.

When using decimal odds, the favorite represents a lower number, while the underdog represents a more significant number.

Understanding Fractional Odds

In a nutshell, fractional odds show how frequently a particular result is anticipated in a given number of trials. The numerator and denominator are added to determine the total number of attempts. The frequency with which the desired outcome will appear in those trials is then determined by examining the denominator.

Because fractional odds (such as “2/1” or “1/3”) are a little more difficult to comprehend than decimals, they are not usually utilized in NBA betting lines. An underdog (team with a less than 50/50 chance of winning) is indicated when the denominator is less than the numerator (ex. 2/1).

In contrast, when the denominator exceeds the numerator (ex. by a factor of 3), the team is considered the favorite (having a better than 50/50 probability of winning).

Because their denominator (3) is more than their numerator, Golden State is the favorite in this situation (1). With a probability of 1/3, they are predicted to triumph three out of every four times this game is played (1+3). However, Oklahoma City is expected to only prevail twice out of a possible seven times (5+2) if this contest is played.

A -300 moneyline is equivalent to a 1/3 fraction. A +250 moneyline is equal to a 5/2 fraction.

What Causes NBA Odds to Change?

The moneyline odds are frequently changed by sportsbooks before the game. These solely depend on where gamblers are investing their funds. Regardless of likelihood, sports betting sites want money to be split equally between the “sides.” Sportsbooks alter NBA odds to promote gambling on a team when a team is receiving a disproportionately large number of bets to reduce the likelihood of losing money.

Sportsbooks can pay the winners from money placed by the losers while keeping the “juice” for themselves if equal money is bet on both sides.

Does it Affect Me If the Odds Change?

Your wager is final once you’ve placed it. Your existing bet is unaffected if the odds change. However, if you haven’t put a wager yet, it doesn’t!

The moneyline might change hour to hour as additional money comes in. Additionally, moneylines on specific athletic events vary from bookmaker to sportsbook. Make sure to compare basketball moneylines to pick the one that works best for you in the long term.

Are You Prepared to Face the NBA Moneyline?

You’re prepared to start betting with confidence this NBA season now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of wagering on the basketball moneyline. Check out the remaining articles on basketball in our section on betting advice for specific sports if you want to broaden your knowledge of NBA betting.

Remember to gamble responsibly and take in the action however you choose to wager this basketball season!

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