October 3, 2022

Sportsbooks’ lines and odds are determined by oddsmakers using time-consuming mathematical calculations and algorithms. Additionally, they will react to the newest team news and what the betting public is doing. But what if they conclude the next game is a toss-up after considering everything?

Because it’s a pick them, neither team is considered a significant favorite by the oddsmakers. Instead of wagering on a point spread, you are wagering on which team to win the game outright. You might also see it written as “PK.” Furthermore, it is irrelevant to how much a team win.

So, let’s define what we mean before we examine how it impacts the betting public. What does “PK” in gambling mean?

PK stands for pick, pick’em, or pick ’em. This situation arises when the bookies judge both sides to be equally strong.

When there isn’t a clear favorite, all you can do is “pick’em.”

Point spread betting is the most common form of wagering on NBA (and NFL) games.

A spread is distinct from a straight or moneyline bet in that it asks us to pick which team we believe will win. We are evaluating the margin of victory that we predict one team will have.


We unfairly handicap the favorite team. It’s comparable to giving the underdogs an advantage. We are predicting the margin of victory rather than which team will win.

Each team is given specific number of points, which will be added to or deducted from their final score to determine the winner of the match.


Suppose the internet sportsbooks view the two teams equally, then. They cannot assign one team a handicap before the game starts if there isn’t a clear underdog and favorite.

In actuality, these lines do not spread.

They could be pictured as follows:

Phoenix Suns +0 (-110)

Portland Trail Blazers lose 0 (-110)

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