Antepost, futures, and each way betting

October 12, 2022

Ante Post’s definition, also known as a “futures” bet, is a bet that settles over a more extended time than the immediate payout that may earn based on match results, odds lines, and other external factors.

Often, these types of bets don’t just focus on a single game: they usually focus on an entire season, a whole playoff series, or an entire tournament.

Season result betting is a popular form of ‘Ante Post’ or ‘Futures betting. Season result betting often includes the term “Championship.”

For example, suppose you bet on the NBA outrights, NHL outrights, NFL outrights, or MLB outrights. In that case, you will be betting on who will win the NBA Championship, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, or World Series. These bets are related to the individual games played each night. However, in Ante Post, you’re betting on the big picture. The Bets do not depend on a game.

You can place Ante-Post bets any time of the year with a few exceptions.

Minutes after one championship is over. You can bet on the following year’s championship, such as the 2019 NBA Championship odds. This option is offered almost immediately after the 2018 NBA Finals resolution. The GSW are the most popular at the time of writing and are on sale for $2.30 at Bet. Those who bet on the Golden State Warriors will have to wait a year for the market to settle (i.e., winning bets will not pay for a year).

Can I bet on futures during the season?

You can bet on the direct market mid-season.

For example, if Major League Baseball is in the fourth month of the season, you can bet every day, and here you can find an angle to take advantage.

Sometimes total odds don’t get shorter quickly: an unexpectedly good team can often bet on their preseason and long odds for a long time before sportsbooks make adjustments.

What is an each-way bet?

A common term used in Ante Post betting is the phrase “Each Way.”

Each-way Bet effectively ensures bettors if their Bet gets second or third.

To help illustrate what an each-way term is, we can check out the Ante Post at Wimbledon 2018. Nick Kyrgios won the tournament for $17.00. This sportsbook offers a $9.00 “each-way” clause.

If Kyrgios loses in the final, bettors who choose Kyrgios and manually select the one-way clause will still win something.

Notably, the each-way clause involves two bets. Every time you bet five units on Kyrgios to win Wimbledon, you’ll bet five Units on his total odds and five on his “position” odds.

  • Five units @ odds of $16.00: 85 Units will pay if Kyrgios wins Wimbledon outright.
  • Five units @ odds of $9.00: If Kyrgios wins or is runner-up, Bet pays 45 units

You bet ten units; if Kyrgios is the Wimbledon champion, both bets will pay out 130 Units. If Kyrgios finishes second, the second Bet will still pay 45 units in return. Each-way terms are acceptable if you’re making small bets on big and long pitches. In this case, you only need players to make it to the finals.

For example, Caroline Wozniacki lost to Serena Williams in the 2014 US Open final. But Wozniacki was 50-1 before the game. Those who bet on her and choose the “each-way” terms of 1-2, 1/2 will get 25-1 in the position section. These odds are enough to cover losing outright bets, with plenty of leftovers for capital gains.

In many sports, the each-way term is usually just “1-2, 1/2”. However, you will see different expressions in golf and horse racing. For example, “1-5, 1/3” means that the player or horse you are betting on in Ante-Post will likely finish 1st to 5th at one-third odds. If you use these terms, you still only have two bets: one on the direct market and one on the positional component.

The most significant benefit of futures betting (i.e., Ante Post betting) is that you can participate with your team or player instead of betting on each game individually. Stakes to win the World Series with the New York Yankees in early April get you involved in every game. That’s because the Yankees still have to perform well in the regular season to make it to the World Series. It can be an inexpensive way to support the team. Perhaps the downside is that you must be patient with Ante Post, as the settlement date may still be a long way off.

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