What is a Bad Beat?

October 18, 2022

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While usually associated with losing a hand on the river, bad beats can often occur when betting on sporting events. From a buzzer-beating 3-pointer in basketball, an empty goal in hockey, a last-inning rebound in baseball, or even a pointless late score in football, bad beats can and will happen!

Since they usually occur late in the game, bettors cannot avoid losing—some of the worst losses in the top three betting options.

Washington vs. Philadelphia

NFL Point Spread Bad Beat

The Redskins were at a +6.5 point deficit and led 27-24 with less than a minute left. The Eagles touchdown and scored with 26 seconds left to show 31-27, but Washington bettors still had the lead.

In the final game, Dwayne Haskins fumbled on a lateral attempt, and Nigel Bradham returned for a touchdown on a 48-yard miss. Washington supporters suffered a point loss as the Eagles won the final 37-27, while Philadelphia bettors celebrated a backdoor screen. With so little time for the last two scores to post, Washington bettors can’t do anything to prevent this spread of Bad beats.

Toronto vs. Tampa Bay

MLB Moneyline Bad Beat

During the 2018 MLB season, baseball bettors suffered considerable losses in games between Toronto and Tampa Bay. Despite being on the road, the Rays are the favorites at the (-167) odds line against the Blue Jays. Tampa Bay went 8-2 and looked to seal the win into the bottom of the ninth. Despite the Blue Jays scoring six points, Toronto fought back violently. Closing the comeback, Justin Smoak hit a game-winning homer, and the Jays won 9-8.

Atlanta vs. San Francisco

NFL Game Total Bad Beat

Arguably one of the worst losses in total game betting history occurred during Atlanta’s 2019 NFL Week 15 game against San Francisco. With the game totaling 50 points, bettors with UNDER tickets felt confident 22-17 with less than two minutes left.

They were still comfortable when the Falcons’ TD made it 23-22 with 2 seconds left. However, the 49ers began throwing the ball away on the subsequent kickoff. Atlanta made a blundered recovery TD to end a 29-22 run to push the totals by 1.

Live betting can help reduce Bad beat losses.

There are little bettors can do to avoid late-game failures. However, it is wise to keep track of matches as you can cut your losses with Live betting. That was when New England made a strong comeback against Atlanta in Super Bowl 51. Bettors watching the spread took a hit when the Falcons led by 25, and it would be wise to hedge their bets before the game went into overtime. Live hedging bets can help soften the blow of bad quarters.

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