Betting Strategies: Should You Chase a Steam Move?

August 1, 2023

When engaging in sports betting, one may come across the term “steam” or “steam move,” which refers to a significant wager that causes a rapid and substantial shift in the betting line. Typically, these large bets are placed by experienced gamblers or betting syndicates known as “sharps.”

The impact of such bets on the odds of a particular event can be profound, leading many bettors to wonder whether they should chase these steam moves. In this article, we will delve into the anatomy of a steam move, explore the potential benefits and risks of following these betting patterns, and discuss strategies to consider when encountering steam moves.

Understanding Steam Moves

A steam move occurs when a well-funded betting syndicate or sharp bettor places a substantial wager on a particular outcome. This results in a quick adjustment of the betting lines across various sportsbooks due to the influence of this large bet. The idea behind spreading these bets across multiple sportsbooks is to avoid alerting the public to significant betting activity.

Pros of Chasing Steam Moves

Insider Information: Sharps are often considered to have valuable insider knowledge that can impact the game’s outcome, such as undisclosed injuries or internal team issues.

Profit Potential: Following steam moves promptly can lead to advantageous odds, providing bettors with higher payouts.

Validation of Expertise: Bettors may gain confidence in their betting strategies and decisions by tailing the sharps.

How to Chase Steam Moves: 

Chasing steam moves requires vigilance and speed. Bettors need to monitor various sportsbooks to identify sudden and substantial odds shifts. Once a steam move is detected, the bettor should swiftly place their wager at a sportsbook that has been slow to react to the line change.

Cons of Chasing Steam Moves:

Uncertain Motives: Determining the exact reasons behind a steam move is challenging. Sometimes, sharps may manipulate the odds to create better lines for their preferred bets.

Risk of Being Limited: Sportsbooks may impose betting limits or even restrict an account if they detect a pattern of steam-chasing behavior.

Overlooking Individual Analysis: Blindly following Steam moves without considering other factors can lead to overlooking critical information that affects the game’s outcome.

Alternative Strategy: Fading the Public Bet

To counteract the potential manipulation by sharps, some bettors choose to “fade the public bet.” This means going against the majority opinion and betting against the steam move. While this strategy can be risky, it can also lead to favorable outcomes if public sentiment is misguided.

Chasing steam moves can be a profitable betting strategy, especially when following the expertise of respected sharps. However, bettors should approach it cautiously, considering the possibility of manipulation and the risk of account limitations. 

Balancing steam-chasing with individual analysis and possibly adopting fading the public bet as an alternative strategy can lead to more well-rounded and informed wagering decisions. Remember to understand the rules of each sportsbook to make the most of your betting experience.

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