Dead Heat Rule

March 6, 2023

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Dead Heat Rule

  • A Dead Heat or Draw occurs when two or more Selections are positioned in the same position after the final results of a specific event have been announced.
  • If PointsBet does not provide the “Draw” or “Dead Heat” Option for a specific event where a Dead Heat has occurred, PointsBet will pay the face value of the ticket split by the number of Dead Heat winners (initial stake including the total payout).
  • If Each Way betting is available on an event where PointsBet does not offer the Draw or Dead Heat Selection, and Selections finish in the same position, we will pay the position portion of the ticket’s face value and multiply that by the residual number of places available divided by the number of Selections that finished in the same position.
  • If PointsBet offers the “Draw” or “Dead Heat” (which may have a different name) pick and the event was a draw, then all Win/Place wagers are losers, and the “Draw” selection is the winning stake.


Because Matthew Fitzpatrick was in an eight-way tie for tenth place, the estimated payout of the wager is divided by eight.

Stake: $10

The initial payout was $34.

Payment after applying the Dead Heat Rule: $4.25

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