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March 22, 2023

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Forms as a betting term have changed a lot. Before internet sports betting, the format was associated with horse and greyhound racing. Today, bettors can access a wealth of data, analysis, and table guides for every sport imaginable.

It is essential to check the form before you place your bet. It will show how the team, horses, or players have performed in recent weeks or outings. For example, if Roger Federer had just won the Halle Tennis Championships, he would be classed as entering Wimbledon in good shape.

The opposite is true if he has suffered several back-to-back first-round losses in recent games.

Tables are one of the main factors bookmakers, including bet365, use to set odds. If a football team is in great form and has won ten games in a row, their odds reduce because they have a good chance of winning the next game.

How to analyze form in popular sports

If you’ve been betting for a while, you already know how to analyze patterns. For those new to the industry, we’ll show you how it’s fulfilled.

Football form

When you analyze the form of a football team, there are two essential things to consider. First, check out their previous five results. It will let you know if they have won, lost, or drawn.

Second, keep an eye on the number of goals scored and conceded. Your best bet is to support a team that scores more goals than concedes.

Horse racing form

The form is crucial in horse racing. If a horse has won six of its last seven races, it has a good chance of being the favorite. However, if it fails to win any of its last ten games, its prevailing opportunities are slim.

Each betting style can provide real value in horse racing when you find a horse in good shape. In this case, it needs to be in the top 3 or 4 for you to see returns.

It is also important to consider variables. For example, a horse may have won the last four races against a weaker opponent. Game 5 could be an upgrade in class.

Weather conditions, track, and distance can also affect a horse’s performance. Astute gamblers consider all options, not just previous forms, so you should too.

Tennis form

Studying a particular form is much easier than learning a team sport like football. If a player plays badly in tennis, there is nowhere to hide. Regarding betting, the chances of anyone outside the top 20 winning a major tournament are Scarce, but the chances of an underdog winning an individual match are high.

A recent example was world number one Novak Djokovic’s third-round loss at the Indian Wells Championships to ATP number 42 Philipp Kohlschreiber.


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