What is a Goliath Bet? A Beginners Guide

March 18, 2023

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Goliath betting is a form of multiple betting consisting of 247 bets on eight selections. It has 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 fourfolds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, eight seven-folds, and one eightfold. While its stakes are much higher than traditional multiple investing, it does have a better chance of paying off.

  • Goliath betting is a form of multiple betting popular in horse racing and football
  • It consists of 247 bets across eight selections
  • it’s called a total bet
  • We break down 247 bets and explain how they work

When you bet on Goliath, you place 247 bets on eight selections. So a single-win Goliath bet of £1 would cost £247.

Goliath does not contain a single bet. At least two of the eight selections must win for a wager return.

247 bets, including:

Part Number of bets
Doubles 28
Trebles 56
Four-folds 70
Five-folds 56
Six-folds 28
Seven-folds 8
Eight-folds 1
Total 247

How to calculate bonus

Use our Goliath Betting Calculator to calculate your winnings.

How many picks does Goliath need to win to be profitable?

The price of each pick will significantly impact how many Picks Goliath needs to win to turn a profit. If only two unique selections win, the odds on those selections must be very high for the overall bet to be profitable. We have provided an example of how many winning picks are usually likely to yield a profit.

Example: You bet £1 on Goliath with a stake of £247. The price per horse is 3/1.

  • 0 picks Win – Return £0, Loss – £247
  • 1 pick Win – Return £0, Loss – £247
  • 2 picks Win – £16, Loss – £231
  • 3 picks Win – Return £112, Loss – £135
  • 4 picks win – £608 return, £361 profit
  • 5 picks win – £3,104 return, £2,857 profit
  • Six picks to win – £15,600 in return and £15,353 in profit
  • 7 picks win – £78,096 return, £77,849 profit
  • 8 picks win – £390,592 return, £390,345 profit

The break-even point in the example is about four winning picks. Five or more could yield a tidy profit. While these are just example prices, it’s clear how incredible the rewards for Goliath could be if all picks win.

Why place a Giant bet?

As mentioned above, Goliath can generate very high returns, which is attractive to bettors. The same high payout can be achieved with an 8x accumulator, but it requires all selections to win to produce any payoff.

For some bettors, Goliath betting is a more exciting way of betting multiples because it increases the chances of a payoff. If two of the eight picks win, something pays off.

The downside of Goliath betting is that it requires a huge bet. Bet 247 times instead of one, and the stakes will be higher. Some people prefer 50p to £1, but the stakes are still high for the average bettor.

Is it possible to do each-way Goliath?

Yes. If your pockets are deep enough! To determine the odds of playing Goliath Bet, look at our selection of the best betting sites.

The Goliath each-way bet consists of 494 bets. Two hundred forty-seven Bets: There are 247 side bets to choose from.

We have another article explaining in more detail how each betting style works.

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