Handicap calculation formula

January 23, 2024

handicap computation in a basketball game:
1. Handicap Setting: The bookmaker sets a handicap value for the game. Let’s say Team A has a handicap of -5 points, and Team B has a handicap of +5 points. Team A is favored to win, and Team B is the underdog.
2. Actual Scores: After the game, the actual scores are Team A – 105 points and Team B – 100 points.
3. Applying the Handicap: To calculate the outcome with the handicap, you add or subtract the handicap value from the actual score of the respective team.
– For Team A: Since their handicap is -5, you subtract 5 from their actual score. Thus, Team A’s adjusted score becomes 105 – 5 = 100 points.

– For Team B: Since their handicap is +5, add 5 to their score. Thus, Team B’s adjusted score becomes 100 + 5 = 105 points.
4. Comparison: Compare the adjusted scores after applying the handicap. In this example, Team A has an adjusted score of 100 points, while Team B has an adjusted score of 105 points.
5. Bet Outcome: Depending on your bet, you determine the outcome. If you placed a bet on Team A with the handicap, Team A’s adjusted score of 100 points would be considered the winning outcome. If you wagered on Team B with the handicap, their adjusted score of 105 points would be the winning outcome.
Handicap betting is often used to provide more balanced odds by giving an advantage or disadvantage to teams or participants before the game starts.

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