What is the Heinz bet and how does it work?

March 18, 2023

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Heinz Betting includes 57 bets on six events: 15 doubles, ten trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds, and a five-fold accumulator.

In a Heinz bet, at least two selections must succeed to pay off. Triple, quadruple, five, and six times mean that if you land more than two winners, your returns increase substantially with more multiplex wins. It uses in horse racing betting.

How does the Heinz bet work?

The 57 bets in Heinz are visualized below:

Bet type Number of bets
Doubles 15
Trebles 20
Four-folds 15
Five-folds 6
Six-fold 1
Total 57

Why should I bet on Heinz?

If you have six selections you think will win in different events, Heinz is an accumulator alternative that can give you something to pay off even if only two sections win. However, you may need more than two winners to start making a profit.

The more winners you have among your six selections, the more you can bet on Doubles, Triples, Quadruples, and Quintuples to be the winner, increasing your payouts considerably.

It is much more convenient to bet on Heinz than to bet one by one yourself.

Heinz downside

There are several potential downsides to the Heinz bet, the first of which is the need for more flexibility when it comes to betting. Instead of being able to choose to bet more on the double and less on the six, you have to bet the same amount on all 57 bets.

The second is the sheer number of bets involved. With 57 combinations, most bettors want to keep their total Bets to a reasonable amount. However, this means that some smaller multiples of the stake in the Bet are not enough to generate a satisfactory return.

How to Calculate Heinz Betting Bonuses

The Easiest Way to figure out what you won or didn’t win is to use our Heinz Betting Calculator, but you can also do it yourself like this:

  • If you use fractional odds, divide the highest and lowest odds and add one to convert them to decimal odds. (For example, 2/1 becomes 3.0, and 9/4 becomes 3.25.)
  • For your doubles, triples, quadruples, five-folds, and sixfold, multiply the decimal odds for the appropriate options and Multiply the result by your unit stake.

How does Each-way Heinz work?

Each Way Heinz is a type of Heinz where all 57 bets are each-way bets. It means the total Bet on a one-way Heinz will be double that of a standard Heinz.

The idea behind choosing One Direction Heinz is that you will be rewarded for every horse that wins and for every horse that ranks high.

Most bookmakers will pay around 1/5 of the winning odds for the place portion of a one-way bet.

Therefore, including options that primarily pay out one-way positions higher than your original stake makes sense.

What’s the difference between Heinz and Lucky 63?

Like Heinz, Lucky 63 is based on six selections, including 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 fourfolds, six five-folds, and one sixfold accumulator.

The difference is that Lucky 63 includes single bets on each of the six selections, meaning the total Bets jumped from 57 to 63.

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