How making a Living from Sports Betting

March 2, 2023

Making a Living from Sports Betting – 8 Key Factors


Do you want to learn the factors to earn money from sports betting?


Here, we will look at the most vital things you must learn to make huge profits.


You are beginning with the fundamentals and progressing to lesser-known knowledge that can significantly improve your betting and propel you to the next level.


Let’s get this party started!


Always choose the finest odds you can find

Number one, and this may sound apparent; many people aim to be successful bettors but do not do this.


Be sure that you are always taking the finest possible odds. Don’t be slack by betting with one bookmaker because you have money in your account. To take this seriously, you must approach sports betting as a business.


Great business people constantly seek methods to reduce expenses while increasing earnings. A professional sports bettor, similarly, always bets at the most excellent odds possible.


Various odds comparison websites can assist you in locating the best odds.


Here are several examples:

  • Oddsportal
  • Oddschecker


Over time, developing the practice of continually seeking the greatest odds will allow you to generate the most revenue from your wagers.


Benefit from promotions

Using bonus offers and promotions from bookmakers comes next on the list.


This has massive financial potential.


Freebie bets, cashback promotions, in-play specials, two goals up promotions for football, many promotions for horse races, and extra places are all available. Bookmakers are constantly working to bring in new clients and keep hold of current ones.


This fact may be used to your advantage, and you can start earning good money by taking advantage of these deals.


Thousands of people already take advantage of this, known as matched betting. Suppose you want to earn a living by placing sports wagers. It is advised to seize this opportunity while it is still available.


You should know about that simple tactic and keep it in your toolbox.


Want to begin with matched betting? Our top recommendation is listed below!


Good bankroll management

One of the main factors preventing most bettors from long-term success in sports betting is improper bankroll management.


Suppose you want to use sports betting as a source of income but need a strategy for approaching your stakes. You’re likely to fall short.


Any successful business begins with a plan.


Before you click the “Place bet” button, a skilled bettor would know precisely how much they would stake on a wager.


You can look at a number of various staking plans.


Kelly staking – According to the odds being offered and the perceived edge of your bet, Kelly staking modifies the size of your wager.


Flat staking – Staking the same amount on each selection is known as flat staking. This staking strategy needs help when you bet at odds between 1.2 and 20.00. Betting the same sum of cash at odds of 1.2 and then odds of 20.00 is illogical.


When starting, the most straightforward staking strategy is a stake to win a set sum. Each time you wager, you stake to win the same amount. For instance, suppose you bet £100 and win.


At odds of 2.0, you would wager £100, at odds of 3.0, £50, at odds of 4.0, etc.


Irrespective of the staking strategy you pick. You will already be in a better position than 95% of gamblers if you have some staking plan.


Get as many accounts as you can

The following point is crucial for various reasons but is strongly related to point number one.


Use as many betting opportunities as you can.


With each and every selection, you want to receive the best odds (which we have covered already)


Your wagers increase as your firm grows. Some bookmakers will only accept part of your wager. You may need to distribute it among several bookmakers.


Profitable sports bettors may have their accounts restricted or canceled. Sadly, bookies have the authority to reject your order and shut accounts. This implies that successful gamblers must constantly seek out new venues for wagering.


Opportunities are offered differently by various bookmakers. Different markets or promotions may be available from some bookies but not from others.


Finding fresh angles and edges is essential to maintaining or raising your profit levels if you do this for a living.


Utilize tested techniques

Having said that, earning a living from sports betting is difficult. This website itself has a number of long-term, tried-and-true tactics.


That is something you ought to be aware of!


Arbitrage betting – Arbitrage betting entails guaranteeing all possible outcomes of an event.


Value betting – Value betting is a reliable strategy that uses betting exchanges and shrewd bookmakers that don’t prohibit winners from locating market value wagers. This way is one of the most straightforward strategies always to put bets with reasonable anticipation.


Exploiting casino offers – Using casino promotions allows us to shift the advantage from the casino to the player. If you only participate in casino games when the odds are in your favor. Over time, a profit will be generated.


Cooperate with others

If you are betting successfully, you will eventually need more bookmakers to use. This is from to the fact that the majority of bookmakers severely restrict or ban winning bettors.


When placing wagers, many seasoned gamblers find themselves collaborating with others. The majority begin their careers alongside family members and friends. Due to the fact that numerous accounts are used instead of simply one, this practice is known as multi-accounting.


Suppose you’re unable to collaborate with others. The alternative is to consider using a broker to profit from Asian or betting exchanges.



One of the friendliest tips I’ve ever received was identifying a betting niche to focus on.


Most successful bettors (but only some) focus on more than one sport. Think of the two incredibly skilled football merchants, Psychoff and Paulo Rebelo. Tony Bloom was a pro at betting on the Asian handicap markets, while Patrick Veitch has amassed a sizable fortune through betting on horses.


Choose the method that works best for you from the many possible ways to profit from the sports betting markets.


  • Pre-match betting
  • Arbitrage
  • Exploiting promotions
  • In-play betting
  • Pre match trading
  • In-play trading


Continue to learn

The marketplaces for sports wagering are constantly expanding and changing. Edges change; what is profitable one year could differ from the following.


Suppose you want to use sports betting as a source of income. Consequently, you may need more than one source of income. You’ll stay in the game longer if you have a variety of market advantages.


Learning new methods will be essential.


How to Earn Money with Sports Betting?


Here are the 8 essential elements you should be mindful of to make a living off sports betting.


Do you agree or disagree with me?


Comment below and let us know!

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