2023 Sports Betting, How to Win

January 9, 2023

It can instantly break your nerves: Most sports bettors lose money in the long run. It’s no secret; successful and profitable sports betting enthusiasts don’t make up the majority. Winning at sports betting is never easy!

But it’s not impossible.

You can do some things to improve your chances of success. For example, specific skills can put you above the average sports bettor. Let’s take a closer look!

Tips to help you win more sports bets

Some people take different approaches to sports betting. Most are randomly in a niche, looking for entertainment more than anything else. Earning some money from a side job is simply a plus for them.

However, some bettors do it mainly for the money. They’re in it to win and will only stop once they hit the jackpot.

No matter which group you fall into, these facts below should help you score more wins on sports betting sites!

Begin with the right sports Betting Site

Let’s tackle the most important question: Where should you bet on sports in 2023? BetUS and MyBookie are the best options today. They have also been at the top of the online sports betting market for the last year. Come to think of it, and not much has changed at the top of online gambling in 2023.

Understand value

What is betting value? It is very simple. If the odds of the outcome are higher than what they should be paying, then the bet has value. Just because it’s a worthwhile bet doesn’t mean it’s a foolproof, risk-free recipe for success. Finding (and understanding) profitable bets are only part of the job, though!

There are other things you must keep an eye on, some of which we’ll explain further. Now, we bring you an in-depth guide to understanding the value of sports betting. This guide is a must-read if you need to know +EV sports betting, exploits, and parlays!

Have a proper betting strategy

Even if you are a casual bettor, it is a great benefit to have a Strategy to guide you. However, this is not mandatory. However, if you are already into sports betting and want to make long-term profits, developing a proper sports betting strategy is necessary!

Expected Value (EV) Explanation

Expected value is a term often used by professional gamblers. To explain what it means in simple terms, Here’s an example. Let’s say you, and I decide to have a coin toss contest. We toss a coin, and you give me $1 for each head, and I give you $1 for each tail. We could flip coins forever, and we wouldn’t have an edge because, on average, half the time, we lose $1, and half the time, we win $1. There will be changes back and forth, but as long as we flip the coin enough times, eventually, we will both break even.

This particular bet has a neutral expected value.

Suppose I get tired of flipping coins and want to quit, but you offer me a better deal while begging me to stay. This new deal pays me $1.10 per head, and I still pay $1.00 per tail. What’s happening now is that I win $1.10, and half the time, I lose $1.00. If we flip 100 times, I should average 50 wins of $1.10 ($55) and 50 losses of $1 ($50). I have a positive expectation (+EV) of 5 cents for each coin toss. As the person who suggested this to me, you think the opposite. Each coin toss is 5 cents to you -EV.

Every bet in sports betting has a positive expected value (+EV), a negative expected value (-EV), or in rare cases, a neutral expected value. Winning sports betting requires avoiding -EV and finding +EV bets.

Find +EV Sports Betting

Most sports bettors don’t take the time to learn the tricks of the dominant player because it’s time-consuming, and most people don’t know how to do it, get overwhelmed, or it’s not fun when they learn it. If you’re looking for something fun, we recommend playing paintball or going to an amusement park, circus, or whatever. To make money, you need to know how to find +EV bets.

Online Sports Betting Dos and Don’ts


Sports betting Do’s

Conduct extensive pre-race research

  • Extensive pre-game research is the foundation of being a successful bettor. You need to keep up to date with the latest news about the game, both teams and two groups of players! Wait to do your research halfway; it’s a quick way to squander your money!

Manage your betting bankroll

  • Bankroll management lets you know when and how much you can bet. Whether weekly, monthly, or yearly, a proper bankroll management system is essential for all professional sports bettors looking to achieve long-term success.

Always look out for better Odds

  • Don’t just settle for the first sports betting site you stumble upon. Take your time, explore your options, and find the one with the best odds. Margins tend to vary from bookmaker to bookmaker; seeing someone with big numbers will do you good in the long run.

Explore Parlay and Prop betting options

  • The game-winner bets are great, and there’s no question about that. But they’re not always the ideal solution. That’s why it’s important to mix things up when appropriate! Esports betting is a productive parlor bet, so take advantage of it. And remember prop stakes. They are always a good source of high-value bets.

Enjoy betting on your favorite Sports

  • Last but not least, enjoy what you do! As mentioned earlier, most sports bettors are casual players. The average person who bets is not expecting a big win but just for the thrill of the chase. Chances are, you are among them. If that’s the case, it’s good to have a refresher on what it takes to win at sports betting, but you should only have to worry a little about it if you’ve been wasting a ton of money, which is it.

Sports Betting Don’ts

Don’t trust self-proclaimed gaming Experts

  • The internet is full of YouTube videos and fake blogging sites claiming to be poker experts hosting the show. These sites often claim they have inside information and fixed bets. They also charge you for access to VIP content. We are talking about scams here; they are not to be trusted!

Don’t spend more than you can afford

  • The golden rule of sports betting is to spend what you can afford. It is where money management comes in. Once you have paid all your bills, withdraw some remaining funds and deposit them into your betting account. That’s your betting bankroll for the month; wait to deposit again until your next paycheck!

Don’t settle for a sub-par Bookmaker

  • Many online sports betting sites offer various bets, fair odds, and a decent overall experience. If you are unsatisfied with your current bookmaker, it may be time for a change! we’ll take you to an exhaustive guide explaining everything there is to know about online sports betting in 2023.

Don’t have unrealistic Expectations

  • Having unrealistic expectations will get you very little. Sports betting is not for the undisciplined. You have to be disciplined and patient and count your every step. You must understand that most rags-to-riches sports betting stories are not actual, and adjust your bets and expectations accordingly.

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