Margin Betting: Explained

April 14, 2023

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In margin betting, the number of potential outcomes is divided into smaller groups by establishing a points margin. You must choose the right player and the winning margin to win the wager. The margin might be either a small range of points or an extensive range, such as 1 to 39 points.


The winning team and the right margin must be chosen in a margin bet. As betting websites search for a means to differentiate one margin bet from another, they are occasionally called Big Win Little Win bets. For instance, if the bettor thinks Team A will win, they must specify by how many points they think they will win, using a range of 1 to 39.

An AFL game between North Melbourne and the GWS Giants is depicted in the example as a margin bet market. North Melbourne is the betting favorite to win the match and is offered as a $1.74 chance. The bookmaker divided the competition into segments using margins to provide bettors better odds and a different game. There are currently five outcomes imaginable, including a tie.

The payoff for bettors who picked the 1–39 margin is $2.25 if North Melbourne wins by between 1 and 39 points. Compared to the $1.74 offered for them to win the match, the margin odds are a considerably better deal. The margin bet will not be profitable if North Melbourne wins by more than 39 points.

With all of the top online bookmakers who accept sports bets, margin betting is an option. AFL, NRL, and basketball are all well-liked sports. In Australia, margin betting is widespread in all football codes. Margin bets are frequently employed as a leg in same-game multi-bets because they are well-liked. They work well for reclaiming free bets as well.


Because of its widespread use, bookmakers have developed additional bet types based on point spreads. They are varieties of margin betting, such as tri bets, which are effectively margin bets with three potential outcomes.

Line betting and margin betting are two separate products that are sometimes misunderstood. Both are common AFL bet kinds, but line bets only have two possibilities that may happen: on either side of the predetermined line.

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