Multi Bet, Parlay, or Accumulator for New Bettors

October 1, 2022

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Multi-betting is a very lucrative bet that is common in all types of online sports betting. It involves a bettor placing multiple bets on a single betting slip. If you bet on two or more outcomes (for example, in two different football matches), they will automatically appear as multiple or parlay bets. Total odds calculate by multiplying the odds of all individual picks. This article will explain in detail the types of multi-bet and multi-bet strategies, briefly describing each type and how to place a bet.

How does multi-bet work?

Multi-betting is one of the trickiest types of sports betting, but if you get it right, the rewards can be huge. It is also known as parlay or multi-bet. The good news is that it is effortless to enjoy multi-bets. Check out the most manageable steps you need to take to place multiple bets below:

  • Please make an account at one of our recommended online sportsbooks
  • Betting on sporting events, any type of bet
  • Keep betting on more betting markets
  • Click on your bet slip to enter your stake
  • If all your selections have won, you win the multi-bet

Multi-bet Strategy notes

Multibet explained:

  • Multi betting allows bettors to place multiple bets on a single bet slip
  • Double bets, triple bets, multi bets, etc. are types of multi bets
  • Multi-betting attracts more profit and is more profitable
  • In multi-betting, the higher the odds, the higher the payout
  • The winnings from the previous bet will also be for the next bet.

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How to place Multibet

A simple step-by-step guide to multi-betting:

  • Make an account at one of our recommended online sportsbooks
  • Betting on sporting events, any type of bet
  • Keep betting on more betting markets
  • Click on your bet slip
  • Enter your bet amount
  • If all your selections have won, you win the multi-bet

What is a multi-bet?

Multi bets are not a type of betting per se. It is a generic term for a group of bet types. Generally speaking, a multi bet is any bet that is not a single bet. A multi bet is a type of bet that allows bettors to place multi bets while using a single bet slip. The returns they get from one bet are rolled over and used as bets for the next bet. The more bets, the more profit the bettor will make at the end of the game. For example, in a triple bet involving three bets, the punter places his first bet, and if he wins, he uses its payoff to place the next bet. If he also wins that bet, his return is used again as a bet for a third bet. If the third bet also wins, he will have a significant profit. Multiple betting is in games such as horse racing and football.

As a result, bettors can choose from several betting options, as there are many types of multi-bets, each in its unique way, and each type can provide bettors a lot of profit, as described later in this article. Is it worth it? Of course, they can.

Types of Multi Bet

There are many types of multi-bets, as mentioned above. We will now briefly introduce one of the most popular, the betting multiples betting explained:

Double Bet

It is a multi-bet consisting of two different bets. However, these bets are a team; the second bet’s bet depends on the success of the first bet & the win of both results in a payoff for the bettor. Bettors bet on two different games on two other occasions. For example, he is betting on the first bet that Team A will win a football match. If his bet wins, the return he would have paid him will be used as a bet when he makes his second bet. Let’s assume that this time, he bets that team B will win; if so, his total return will calculate and paid to him. You can read how to calculate the profit of double betting.

Treble bet

It is a multi-bet with three different bets. Just like a double bet, the success of the previous bet will make the latter bet possible. This time, the punter will bet on three games, and if he wins all three of his bets, he will claim a reward.


It is a multi-bet consisting of more than three bets. These bets may be 4x, 5x, 6x, or more, depending on the number of bets in the accumulator. Like other multi-bets mentioned, all bets must win if the bettor is to get any return.

Betting Multiples

How does multi-bet work? It is advantageous to remember that these bets above are just ordinary multipliers; there are also full coverage multiple bets, which means that these bets will cover the type of bet in question, even single bets.

“Luckies” (Lucky 15, Lucky 31, and Lucky 63) – How does the multi-bet work?

Lucky 15

This all-in bet consists of four singles, six doubles, four triples, and a 4x (4+6+4+1 = 15 bets).

Lucky 31

It is a total of 31 bets spread over five singles, ten doubles, ten triples, five 4x, and one 5x.

Lucky 63

It includes 63 bets with six singles, 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 4x, six 5x, and one 6x.

Other full coverage bets include:


There is no single for this bet, but it consists of 3 doubles and one treble for a total of 4 bets.


It consists of 6 doubles, four triples, and a 4x—a total of eleven bets.

Super Yankees or Canadian

This bet has 26 stakes spread across ten doubles, ten triples, five 4x, and one 5x.


The Heinz bet is six singles less than the Lucky 63 bet, and it contains 57 bets divided into 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 4x, six 5x, and one 6x.

Super Heinz

This bet consists of 120, including 25 doubles, 35 triples, 35 4x, 21 5x, seven 6x, and one 7x.


It contains a whopping 247 bets, of which there are 28 doubles, 56 triples, 70 4x, 56 5x, 28 6x, eight 7x & one 8x.


This bet consists of 7 bets spread over three singles, three doubles, and one triple.

Advantages of the Multi Bets

One of the advantages of multi-betting is that if the bettor is fortunate enough to win all of his bets, it means a considerable payoff for him. Even better, you don’t need to invest too much, as some bets allow rolling returns as bets for your next bet. You don’t need to win all bets in an all-in bet to start making a profit. Also, if the bettor wins all the stakes in the lucky bet, or if he meets other requirements set by the bookmaker, he will win some prize money.

However, all-in bets tend to cost a lot as each bet needs its bet as is. For example, each single in a Lucky 63 bet will have $50 as a bet, the rest of the bet being the same. In addition, non-covered bets are risky as the loss of one of the bets is the loss of the entire bet. For multi-bets, we advise punters not to expect them to win every time they play!

Which sportsbooks offer the best multi-bet deals?

Many betting options are available, and punters can choose from various betting types. After telling yourself how to play these bets, the next thing to worry about is where to find bookmakers with good odds. However, that’s nothing to fear. We have selected the best bookmakers with the best deals for you! All you need to do is visit our sportsbook comparison page, choose a bookmaker with great deals for your multi-bet type selected, and start playing!

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