What is a Multiple Round Robin?

November 18, 2022

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What is a Multi round-robin?

This format divides players into round-robin boxes and plays against everyone in their box. Depending on the pitch and time available, you can have as many players as possible. The winner of each can eliminate.

2-3 hours 3-5 players per court Singles
8 years or older Individual Competitive & Social

Multiple Round Robin competition Structure

Here are some top tips for organizers:

Stadium and players

One field requires for every 6-10 players. Determine how many courts and players you need. (1 court = 6-10 players, 2 courts = 9-15 players, 3 courts = 13-20 players, etc.)


Choose a scoring format. A short tie-break 4 (44TB) recommend for each game. Players score their games.


Print loop boxes and distribute players between boxes. Ideally, divide players into groups of 4, but if there is an odd number, use 3 or 5


Play Order

Give each box/group of players their scorecards and assign them a court. Tell them to complete all the games in play order, filling out the scorecard as they go. Tell younger or inexperienced players to report to the help desk to hand over their scores to the organizers.

At the end

The winner of each box is the one with the most wins. If there is a tie, the winner decides:

  • Percentage of games won (calculated = number of games won divided by the combined number of games x 100) if still equal.
  • Result of the match between 2 tied players

The winner of each box (and the runner-up if time permits) advances to an elimination round. You may need to say goodbye to some players if you have more than four boxes. Play until the end of the final.

Note: The calculation of the match win percentage is straightforward. Stay calm by the math.

Adjustment format

Many formats can be easily modified to players, e.g., ten and under, mixed ages, teams, more or less a competitive activity. Learn more about adapting your game to your player’s needs and lifestyle.

Apply theme

Many competitions are more exciting and easier to move up if they have a theme, such as the Davis Cup, the Olympics, or Family Day. To know more about how to apply the article to the competition.

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