Odd/Even Goals Bets

March 6, 2023

If you are seeking a simple way to get began with online betting, goals odd/even is a great bet to start with. And Parimatch’s sports betting app is an excellent place to start. Our skilled tech team has built the program to be as straightforward as possible. Whether it’s your first time or weary of other clumsy apps, you’ve found the finest way to wager on odd or even goals.

You’ve arrived at the right article if you’re wondering what “odd/even” goals betting means. This simple tutorial will walk you through everything you need about odd/even bets. This walkthrough is intended to help you grasp the odd or even meaning of betting, when to utilize this strategy, and how to profit where possible. We’ll also review the benefits and drawbacks of betting on odd or even goals.

What Are Goals Odd/Even?

You may have yet to hear of this word if you are new to online betting or have not heard it. Odd or even goals betting is a type of wagering in which bettors decide whether the total number of goals scored after a game or match is odd or even.

That odd/even betting method is terrific for beginner bettors because it is quite straightforward to grasp. Consider a football game: at the end of the full 90 mins, the scores of one or both teams are tallied together. This is “Goals Odd” if it equals an odd number (1, 3, 5, etc.). If on the reverse hand, the total number of goals from both teams in the complete match tallies to an even quantity (0, 2, 4, etc.), this would be “Goals Even.”

Consider a football match between Brighton Hove Albion and Watford FC.

If Brighton wins the game with a final score of 2:1, the total number of goals at halftime will be three. This is because the two goals scored by Brighton and the one goal scored by Watford are added together. Here are some numbers to consider when betting. If you had bet on “Odd,” you would have won because three is an odd number. However, if Brighton won with a final score of 3:1 or the teams drew 2:2, the total would be four goals. You would lose the bet in this case because four goals is an even number.

Odd/even bets are popular among punters because they keep the bettor engaged throughout the game, unlike other betting kinds, such as over/under. Assume you have a wager on the over/under (totals) for under 2.5 goals, and a third goal is scored. You’re likely to be disengaged from the game after losing your bet. In an odd/even goals bet, you are involved until the end of the game, as you rely on the final result to determine whether you have won or lost.

What Does “Odd Number” Mean?

As previously stated, the main rule of an even/odd bet is to try to predict whether the final total number of goals or points will be odd or even.

When you put a wager on “Odd Goals,” you are predicting that a game will end with an odd total combined score.

When you consider this, you immediately rule out the possibility of a draw. By making a single bet on “Odd,” you are betting that you do not believe there will be a draw. This is something to consider before making such a wager. This is especially true if you bet on soccer games, as 25% of all Premier League games over the last 12 years finished similarly.

Withcould reverse this with a little more time. For example, if you bet on a cup game with a knockout round rather than a league game, there will be extra time or penalties to pick a winner because a draw is impossible. While true, the odd/even bet only considers goals scored during the 90-minute period. Fines and extra time are not counted. This implies that if a game ends 2:2 and penalties decide the winner, your bet will only apply to the 2:2 result, and you will lose a “Goals Odd” bet.

On the other hand, injury time is provided to make up for time bygone earlier in the 90-minute game.

In brief, when it comes to the definition of odd goals, this wager is won if the whole number of goals scored by both teams at full-time equals an odd digit.

What Does “Even Goals” Mean in Sports Betting?

Even Goals Betting is the polar opposite of Odd Goals Betting. When you place an “Even” wager, you are betting that the full number of goals scored by both teams full-time will be an even amount.

This, like “Goals Odd,” excludes extra time and penalties – not that those outcomes would be significant here. Surprisingly, “Even Goals” bets protect you from a tie. 1X2 bets, as experienced gamblers know, can be unpredictable because the draw skews the results and odds. As previously stated, a draw occurs 25% of the time in soccer. This is a significant number that should not be overlooked. When you bet on “Goals Even,” you have the draw on your side because an even number is always a draw.

To summarize, “Even Goals” is a bet in which you wager that the total number of goals scored after two halves of a match will be an even number.

Is 0-0 Odd or Even in Betting?

A game outcome of 0:0 (nil-nil) is an even result. Zero is an even number in mathematics, but it makes no difference. A game that ends in a tie results in a sum of two similar numbers that is always an even number.

Goal Sports Betting: Should I Bet on Odd Goals or Even Goals?

In general, bookmakers set relatively equal odds for both odd and even occurrences. From the outset, you may have a 50/50 probability of only two possible results being either even or odd, but this isn’t necessarily the case. This can be determined by the average number of goals or points earned in a sport.

Take, for example, soccer. As the table below demonstrates, the chances of a soccer game scoring more than six goals are highly unusual. Because 0 is considered an even number in odd/even goals, the outcome is skewed toward even (due to nil-nil).

  • A “Goal Even” bet is expected to result in one of the below scores:

0-0, 1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 2-0, 0-2, 2-2, 2-4, 3-1, 3-3, 4-0, 0-4, 4-2, 5-1, 6-0, 0-6

  • The total number of goals must be one of the following for a “Goal Odd” bet to pay off:

1-0, 0-1, 0-5, 1-2, 1-4, 2-1, 2-3, 3-0, 3-2, 4-1

While scoring more than six goals in a game is relatively rare, the outcome is slightly slanted toward “Even Goals,” as 0-0 and 6 total goals count toward even.

What Odds/Even Betting Markets Does Parimatch Offer?

The Parimatch sports betting software provides more than just odd/even bets. While bettors can place odd/even bets on the entire duration of a match or game, we also have many other relevant betting markets to spice up the game.

For example, odd/even might be divided into two halves in football betting. It means that using Parimatch, punters can place bets on odd/even in the first, second, or both halves. Not only that, but users can also place odd/even wagers on each team individually.

Such wagers are considerably more varied in other sports. In volleyball, for example, Parimatch allows bettors to wager on odd or even sets.

Another excellent feature of the Parimatch app is that it offers “Goals Odd/Even” markets in a range of sports to all our users. Soccer, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, and rugby are available for odd or even bets. With such a vast choice of accessible sports, it’s no surprise that Parimatch is considered Africa’s greatest sports betting app!

How Do You Bet on Odds/Even on Parimatch?

The Parimatch sports betting software was created with simplicity in mind. The Parimatch app is ideal for new and expert bettors, with an easy-to-use dashboard that makes browsing easy to browse. The Parimatch app is quick, strong, and dependable, providing direct access to the most diverse variety of online betting alternatives in Africa, with the most competitive odds at your fingertips.

Follow these simple guidelines to place odd/even bets:

  • Check your Parimatch account to ensure you have funds deposited.
  • At the bottom menu, select “Sport,” “Live,” or “Virtual” betting.
  • Select the sport you want to wager on.
  • Choose the country in which the game is being played.
  • Choose the appropriate league or tournament.
  • Click on the game you want to bet on.
  • Scroll down to “Odd/Even” and select odd or even.
  • Go to the bet slip to finalize your wagers.
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Goals Odds/Even Betting

If you’re new to betting, odds/even betting is a wonderful place to start. It’s simple to grasp, and you have a decent chance of winning. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind.

The Advantages of Odd/Even Goals Betting

The Best Bet for a Beginner

Odd/even betting is a lot of fun because it’s simple to grasp, and you have a reasonable probability of winning – the outcome will either be even or odd! In this way, it can be entertaining if you don’t want to investigate team data and instead like to guess. Most of the time, the odds are pretty matched in either direction.

High Chance that you’ll Win

For either answer, the odds/even betting odds are usually relatively equal. This is because you have a 50/50 stake in getting statistics right even if you study statistics. 50% is a high percentage to wager on.

Evens Bets Protect you from a Draw

As seasoned bettors know, the draw can skew your betting predictions, particularly with winning bets (1X2). As previously stated, draws occur 25% of the time in soccer; thus, it is critical to account for this while betting. Evens/odds bets do not account for extra time or penalties; therefore, a tie is constantly conceivable. Therefore, a draw is always even. In this regard, betting on an even number of goals can help safeguard your stake.

Disadvantages of Odds/Even Betting

Low Odds Equal Poor Winnings

Because you have a roughly 50/50 chance of winning evens/odds bets, the odds are usually relatively low. In this regard, total odds and evens betting will not yield a significant return.

Not Suitable for System bets

If you enjoy strategizing with a betting strategy, you may discover that odds/even bets do not produce the desired results. This is because the odds rarely exceed 2.00, making it difficult to recoup your position if one of your system forecasts fails.

Should you place your bets on odd or even goals?

This is a valid question; the answer depends on what you intend to gain from your wager. Odd/even bets are generally not for you if you are an experienced gambler trying to earn a lot of money from strategizing bets. The low odds yield small profits even if you win, making it unsuitable for system bets.

Conversely, this is a solid bet if you want to place a wager for fun. It has a reasonable probability of winning — almost 50% on either side. While the odds are low, this demonstrates how good the chances of prevailing are. In this sense, a rookie bettor having a little fun can make an excellent small profit.

Similarly, if you want a bet that will keep you interested throughout the game, totals odds/evens betting is a great approach to keep you entertained because you have to wait until the very end to find out if your bet has paid out.

Unlike over/under betting, where you can see if your bet has paid out at any moment throughout the game, odds/evens requires you to watch until the very finish.

Can you make money betting on odd or even goals?

Like with any betting technique, a profit can be made if you win the bet. But, regardless of your choice, odds/evens betting has a great possibility of paying off for you. While statistics and analytics are essential, there is a 50/50 chance that this type of wager will pay off and result in a tiny profit.

With this in mind, the stakes are frequently relatively small because the possibilities of winning are so high. This means that when betting on odds/evens for a complete game, you rarely see stakes exceeding 2.00. In this sense, a winning bet will pay off, but only a little.

Yet, one piece of advice is to bet on first-half goals. First-half odd/even betting tends to have greater odds since bookmakers believe it easier to forecast whether a side will score in the first half based on their prior gameplay.

When you bet on the underdog squad, you can profit more on evens/odds betting. If a clear favorite exists, the underdog’s odds are lower for evens. This is because the bookmaker believes the underdog will not score at all. “Odd” bets have higher odds in certain situations. You may walk away with a tidy profit if the underdog scores a goal.

Another approach that some punters employ to boost their profits from odds/even betting is the usage of progression systems. This is accomplished by waiting until the third match of the season and then selecting teams with odd totals from all of their games. You would then bet on the next match to end with an even total. If this bet does not pay off, increase your stake by 2.2 on the next wager. If your initial bet were 300 TZS, your second stake would be 660 TZS. If the next bet loses, you increase your stake by 4.4 to 2904 TZS.

The premise is that your bet will eventually pay off and will pay off enough to cover all of your previous investments. While this is possible, progressive betting methods are exceedingly hazardous and can quickly drain your betting bank amount. Keep this kind of a bet from getting out of hand since you may easily lose a lot if you’re wrong on a few rounds!

What Can You Bet on Besides Parimatch?

The diversity of bet options available on Parimatch is simply astounding. Below is a sampling of the available bet markets, which can be combined:

  • Moneyline (to win)
  • 1×2 (3-way)
  • Double chance
  • Handicap
  • Asian Handicap
  • Total (over/under)
  • Correct score
  • Both teams score
  • Draw
  • No draw
  • Halftime/full-time

Odd/Even Goals Recap

“Goals Odd/Even” is a pretty straightforward betting strategy. Beginners and amateur bettors might appreciate this simple wager designed more for entertainment than profit. With an approximately 50/50 chance of success, gamblers should expect this type of wager to pay out. Yet, while odd/even bets have reasonably high chances, the odds are low, resulting in a tiny profit margin.

Many expert gamblers will tell you that this type of betting is essentially guessing because the odds swing both ways. Statistical analysis will not help you boost your odds of winning. But, if you want to use a progressive betting method to maximize your chances of profit, you must evaluate the results of a team’s recent games. Yet, it is critical to understand the risks associated with progressive betting systems.

In short, the top betting site Parimatch allows you to put various odd/even wagers on our online sports betting app. Our software is simple to download and use, and it offers odd/even bets on multiple sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and rugby. You can gamble on the entire game, each half independently, and each team in play.

Save time! Today is the day to try your luck!

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