Prolongation Drift

March 23, 2023

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Price changes for betting odds are at the discretion of each bookmaker.

Odds are constantly changing for several reasons, and bookmakers may extend them to ensure profitability.

Some horse racing betting terms used to select extended prices are ‘drifting like a barge,’ ‘a weak market,’ or ‘no friends in the betting circle.’

Bettors should always compare the online odds of the bookmakers and place a bet with the online bookmaker that offers the best odds.

In our guide to betting odds drift, we explain what causes odds to stretch, give examples, and how recognize selection odds that have become more expensive.

What do drift odds mean?

Extending your betting odds on something happening means reducing the likelihood of it happening.

When the odds in the betting market are getting bigger, the bookmaker will extend the odds because the selected betting amount reduce.

Drifting odds is the same as “stretching,” which increases odds.

What causes the odds to drift?

Betting odds drift due to the following:

  • small bets on a selection
  • Little money to bet on options
  • New information exposure
  • Ground conditions make the outcome unlikely

The leading cause of odds drifts insufficient betting funds. If the volume is weighted to lay, then the price extends.

Examples of Odds Drift

Here are a few examples of odds drifting in the betting world:

  • Bookmaker odds drift from 4-7 to 11-10
  • Favorite odds changed from 7-2 to 5-1
  • Second Favorite drifts from 13-2 odds to 8-1 odds
  • A horse drifts from 9-1 odds to 16-1 odds
  • An outsider drifts from 50-1 odds to 66-1 odds

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