Prop Betting Strategy Tips and Techniques

February 15, 2023

Being a successful sports betting enthusiast involves many factors, including solid strategy. Although it may appear like we’re exaggerating, this is the case.


Following a plan requires ongoing focus and consideration of the big picture. Then and only then will you be allowed to manage your finances and properly see the importance of betting. These are the main tenets of betting on sports online approach.


Like all other types of gambling, prop betting doesn’t have a set of fixed rules. Sure, you’ll find information on arbitrage betting and other practices that may or may not be unlawful, but this site is about something else!


But how should we approach the prop betting strategy if it doesn’t have a fixed set of guidelines?


We’re discussing a topic that can’t be transmitted from one bettor to another. There is no “one size fits all” access to online prop betting, even though that may be effective for other betting systems and techniques.


Before committing to a plan, you’ll need to tailor the alternatives to your requirements, adjust the stake on the fly, and learn from your failures. It’s the tried-and-true approach of making mistakes. It takes time, but the learning curve will be lessened if you accept our advice.


What Exactly Is Prop Betting?


Let’s start with the basics and explain what prop betting is.


Bets on anything other than the usual moneylines, game totals, and point spreads are referred to as prop bets. The entire name is proposition betting, and there are countless variations.


Why are prop bets so popular? They’re not only the form of wager that is generally the most reliable, but they’re also enjoyable.


Sportsbooks’ most popular prop betting options


Let’s face it; most people place most sports prop bets. Everyone feels most at ease in that category, which is the most popular one. However, only some sports props are the same.


Here, we’re not only discussing popularity alone, but also other important elements. For example, some prop bets contain straightforward “yes or no” options. Some depend on the performance of just one player, while others have several potential outcomes. There is an infinite variety.


Opportunities for Common Yes/No Prop Betting


  • Will There Be Any Overtime?
  • Will a touchdown be scored in the first half?
  • Will a Penalty Kick Be Taken?
  • Will the first team to score win the game?


Team-Specific and Player-Specific Prop Bets


  • Messi: Will He Score?
  • Will Juventus be awarded a penalty shot?
  • Will Chelsea get sent off?
  • Will Bruno Fernandes Be Able to Help?


Multiple Possible Results for a Prop Bet


  • Total Interception in a Match
  • Total Sacks in a Match
  • Total Passing Yards
  • Exact Number of Goals in a Match


Common Prop Bet Categories


Sports Props


When looking for sports props, you’ll typically find a group similar to the ones listed above. Make your bids elsewhere if one bookmaker needs to have what you’re seeking because the selections differ from bookie to bookie.


However, you need more than just sports wagers for your prop betting strategy to succeed. The key is to combine sports metaphors with other significant categories, including entertainment, politics, and esports.


Entertainment Props 


What’s the deal with this? What do props used in entertainment stand for? Certain online bookies cover in-depth topics, including reality television, movie, television, music awards, the National Spelling Bee, and much more.


Yes, sir, you may bet on who will win the upcoming seasons of American Idol, The Voice, and Survivor—provided you can locate a bookmaker that offers such wagers. The truth is that they’re not that hard to identify, especially Golden Globes, Oscars, and Emmys props. They are all around us!


Political Props


Politics follows, of course! There was a lot of betting activity during the 2020 US elections. Additionally, it involved more than just a simple Trump vs. Biden wager. Users could wager on the precise time the election would end several bookmakers.


The demand for the 2020 Presidential Race was relatively high, with Betfair recording over $564 million in wagers. Here is a fascinating political tool that we discussed last year.


Esports Props

You shouldn’t take the esports betting market for granted! It has been increasing continuously for almost a decade, and there are no signs that it will ever stop growing. Given that, it makes sense that esports props exist.


They might be known by a different name, though. They are commonly referred to as “esports specials,” but the idea is the same.


However, consider that comprehensive prop coverage is limited to significant esports events. All that’s left to discuss are the major competitions in Dota 2, CSGO, and League of Legends. Expect to refrain from wager on esports props every single week. For that to become the norm, at least a few more years will pass.


Strategy Advice for Proper Betting


As mentioned in the introduction, the best course of action is to develop your prop betting strategy. It’s one thing to observe how others behave, but don’t let them lead you in every decision. You should start fresh, as you’ll need to make a few adjustments here and there.


What are the most crucial aspects of sports or esports betting that you should pay attention to? We’ll start with the pre-betting system as it is so important overall.


Double-check the statistics


Make that you have the appropriate numbers. Checking the stats twice will ensure that your match is accurate. Research is half the job. No matter what kind of prop bets you want to place, it is essential to be knowledgeable about all pertinent information. Half-baked bets cannot be expected to win routinely. That is not feasible!


Open a spreadsheet and carry out your instructions there. Especially if you’re looking for highly anticipated contests like the opening rounds of the season or the first games of a significant event, one sheet is enough to keep you busy for a week.


The most common type of prop betting is, by far, sports. Online NFL betting is prevalent. Check out our guide to NFL prop betting if you like it. No of your level of skill, you should read it!


Avoid Using Vague Phrases


Some bookmakers are hazy about their prop betting options. For illustration, you might see the wager as follows:



Some bookmakers may cross out your wager if you choose “yes,” the Argentine wizard receives two assists because “an assist” only denotes one assist, not two. Always remember that when specific numbers aren’t given, they always work in the bookmaker’s favor.


Select only those prop bets that are correct! If you win, of course, that is the only way you can be sure you will receive your payout.


Avoid Using Luck-Based Props

Some props depend on luck. Don’t all props depend on chance? No! Here, we’re talking about legitimately chance-based props, like the odd/even number of goals, touchdowns, and rounds. These only call for good luck and no knowledge. There’s a little bit of luck everywhere—a little bit here, a little bit there.


We don’t recommend experimenting with these bets


Your prop betting strategy should be built on props you can examine using readily available stats if you’re serious about it. These are the most important things to consider when placing an online prop bet, which is quite complicated.


Avoid making a high investment in prop betting


Even though it might appear like our advice for prop betting is all rainbows and butterflies, that doesn’t imply you should limit yourself to prop betting. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket; spread your bets!


It’s not a good idea to invest excessively in prop betting. Keep yourself occupied with traditional bets. Nothing will be accomplished by forcing props!


Bookmakers will limit your stakes even if you do not heed our recommendations. If you win too many consecutive bets, they could restrict your prop betting activity or exclude you from the category. Just something to be aware of.


Create a Prop Betting Strategy of Your Own


This is the point we’ve been attempting to make the entire time! Prop betting tactics include way too many numbers. It is preferable to create the full system from scratch rather than adapt someone else’s betting strategy.


Everyone has various betting patterns, whether we’re talking about specific prop betting possibilities, stake levels, betting systems, or bankroll management. So, the best action in this situation is to figure things out for yourself. Although it takes the most time, it will be worthwhile in the long run.


Prop bets: Pros and Cons


Is prop betting something that everyone should be betting on constantly?

No, is the response. Nothing is perfect.

Like anything else in life, prop betting has advantages and disadvantages.



  • They offer a wide range of options.
  • They offer exciting betting options.
  • They add flavor to the entertainment.
  • They frequently produce substantial profits.
  • Bets are readily taken advantage of



  • Bookmakers generally limit Prop betting stakes.
  • If you frequently win, you may be subject to limits.
  • Some of them are entirely dependent on luck.
  • They cannot have a handicap (in most cases)


FAQ about Prop Bets


We still need to finish. We still need to cover a few pressing issues regarding prop bets and prop betting strategies.


Is Prop Betting Profitable?

Some prop bets have great value, especially those with many potential outcomes. You should be aware that bookmakers frequently impose limitations on prop bets. Usually, we’re discussing limitations on the highest allowed stake. Most venues only allow you to wager hundreds of dollars on a single prop. Even with regulations in place, those who consistently win big on prop bets may, in more extreme cases, be prohibited from placing any more of these wagers. While it’s rare, it can occur if your prop betting technique is sound.


What’s Up with Prop Betting Techniques?

What exactly is the deal with prop betting tactics? Although that is the entire focus of this essay, we have yet to provide you with any figures, statistics, or systems. Why is it the case? We aim to guide you in customizing a prop betting strategy to meet your demands. Watching other players’ techniques will only take you so far; you’ll need to experiment with numbers and betting alternatives to achieve the ideal balance for your particular betting style.


Why are there no Esports prop bets available?

Guys, don’t worry! The esports ecosystem offers many options for prop betting. It’s only that they go by various names. Prop bets are known as esports specials among fans of esports betting. However, remember that they are only accessible during the significant events in the scenario.


Can bookmakers set limits on prop bet stakes?

Yes, they can and will if you succeed in your high-risk prop bets. Such restrictions have long been present in the prop game. It’s no secret that most bookmakers lose money on prop bets; as a result, they have begun to impose stake limitations and outright prohibit specific individuals from placing prop bets (read frequent winners). But don’t let that get you down. If you develop and follow your prop betting strategy, you can still make a ton of money.


Which Websites Offer the Best Prop Betting Options?

You’ve read the entire article; you are familiar with props, their range, and any risks they can provide. However, one question still nags at you: which bookmaker should you choose to optimize the outcomes of your prop betting strategy? Take this article as your guide to placing online prop bets. It will take care of all teething problems and aid in orienting you. It’s a fantastic way to begin your sports betting journey!




There are many different methods to bet on props. They are an endless source of amusement and business opportunity. As a result, investing the effort to create your prop betting strategy is undoubtedly worthwhile. Look for something you can reliably predict. Look for something of great value that only some are aware of.


One of those things you shouldn’t boast about is your approach to placing prop bets. There needs to be a universal solution to this problem. Finding the combination that fits your betting and analyzing strategy is up to you because the subtleties make or break the experience.


We’re all done here with those words. I hope you’ll start making prop bets as part of your weekly activities!

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