Safest sports betting Strategies

June 15, 2023

A zero-risk betting strategy is one in which the punter takes no risks or, in some situations, minimal risk. A zero-risk betting strategy may appear to be an unrealistic betting strategy because wagering always involves some risk. Different sorts of hedged bets, like hedged trades in the market, can be reliable zero-risk betting techniques for bettors.

Top 5 Zero-Risk Strategies

The top 5 zero-risk betting strategies include arbitrage wagers, matched betting, high-probability wagers, card-counting, and laying and backing bets.


Arbitrage Wagers

Betting on different outcomes of the same event ensures a payout regardless of the result. However, profits are limited, and substantial wagers may be necessary. Utilizing multiple sportsbooks can exploit variations in odds. Wagers on two alternative outcomes of the same betting event are called arbitrage wagers. They arrange the bets so the player can anticipate a reward regardless of the game’s outcome. However, because a bettor places bets on both outcomes, the amount of money they may make through bets and spreads is constrained. The assurance of a payout is the main benefit of arbitrage wages. The reward needs to be more, which is the major drawback. To place a successful bet, a gambler typically needs to wager significant sums of money simultaneously. 

Making a wager with one betting service and laying it with a separate sportsbook is ideal for placing an arbitrage bet. Most bookmakers offer different odds for the same game; when this happens, a bettor might profit. It is one factor that influences gamblers’ decision to use a single betting site like Rescuebet to access a variety of sportsbooks.


Matched Betting

By using bonuses and promotions, punters can offset the cost of wagers without risking their funds. This strategy allows for-profit accumulation without incurring losses, but withdrawal conditions may vary.

An alternative to an arbitrage betting strategy is a matched betting strategy. A matched betting strategy uses no betting money, whereas an arbitrage wager may or may not use the gambler’s funds. A bettor can place a matched bet by utilizing different bonuses, promotions, offers, and betting incentives that lower the cost or price of placing a wager. A matched wagerer experiences no losses and keeps all winnings because they don’t have to use any of their funds to place the bet. 

There may be wagering requirements that change from one online casino to the next that must be met in order to withdraw winnings from bonuses and promotions.


High Probability Wagers

Placing bets with a high likelihood of occurring, such as backing a solid favorite, increases the chances of winning. While not entirely risk-free, these wagers offer better long-term success rates with lower payouts.

High-probability bets are bets that have a good chance of coming true. For instance, ManCity is likely to prevail in a match against Sunderland. When betting on the favorite, a bettor can anticipate winning roughly 90% of the time. While this does not ensure a victory or zero risk, long-term bettors are likelier to win when making such bets. Because the risk is modest, bets with a high probability of success also have a low payout. An unseeded team or player is less likely to succeed than a top-seeded or highly regarded opponent.


Back and Lay Wagers

Instead of betting on the outcome, backing or laying wagers provide alternative options. Supporting a team to win or not to lose offers higher possibilities of winning, even if the result differs. Applying a bet on a team not to win can lead to payouts if the selection loses.

Instead of placing a wager on the final score of a game, gamblers might back or lay a wager. Even if the game’s outcome isn’t what the bettor had anticipated, backing or laying a chance increases the likelihood that they would win their wager. Bettors can back a team or wager that the club won’t lose a game. If a team succeeds, or the game concludes in a draw or win, the punter wins the chance. Making a bet on a team to lose a game is known as lying. 

If the group wagered on losses, a bettor could anticipate receiving payment on a lay wager. In a lay bet, a win or a tie will go against the bettor. Bettors certain that a team will lose a specific match must be eligible for lay chances.


Card Counting

Although not wholly risk-free and frowned upon by land-based casinos, card counting can be profitable in online casino card games. By tracking card patterns, players can anticipate high or low cards, improving their chances of success.

While card counting may not always be a risk-free betting method, it can be rewarding for gamblers who can learn to use it. To determine whether the next card will be high or low, card counters study the deck and the patterns of the cards in one or more decks. Card counting may appear challenging because it differs from game to game and necessitates greater knowledge of numbers and statistics. Card counting is a tactic that physical casinos disapprove of and may lead to a long-term gaming ban. However, card counters use card counting to increase their strike rate when playing card games at online casinos.

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