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May 17, 2023

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Our series on betting strategies examines the most exciting and successful sports betting possibilities. This article is about System Betting, or Yankee Betting, which has been added to the portfolio of almost every betting provider and has become a regular part of the sports betting world. Have fun reading a short introduction to system betting in the lines below. If interested in this topic, use our Livetips portal betting calculator.

What is System Betting?

System betting involves betting on multiple games At once, with a higher probability of success and relatively less risk. System betting is a strategy where you must make a few choices to win your bet. Typically, a system bet can have 3 to 8 selections. However, this type of betting is different from multiple bets. In multiple bet slips, you need to select all options correctly. The chances of winning in system betting are very high because you only need to pick a part to profit from your bet.

The main difference between systematic and accumulator betting is that you can achieve a system bet even if you select only some options correctly. For example, in system betting, you win even if only 2 of your three predictions come true.

System betting has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The main reason is that, unlike Accubets, you can win if you get only some races/events/segments right. It means slightly less risk than accumulator betting. To minimize losses and limit the risks involved, bettors prefer to use system betting on (very) risky games. In this case, you can make some games wrong and profit because the odds are good.

Examples of System Bet Types

Since there are endless possibilities for system betting, such as 2 out of 3, 4 out of 5, and 7 out of 10, we will only focus on 2 of the most established systems.

2 of 3 system bets

You must choose the three events you’d like to participate in. For example, let’s pick three games from the Premier League:

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

Liverpool vs. Manchester City

Brentford vs Chelsea

If you choose the 1×2 market and you back Arsenal to win (odds 2.2), Manchester United (odds 2.3), and Chelsea (odds 1.9), the system offers you all possible 2-bet combinations and 3- The bet series are shown on the bet slip as follows:

Bet 1: Arsenal to win (2.2) and Manchester United to win (2.3)

Bet 2: Arsenal to win (2.2) and Chelsea to win (1.9)

Bet 3: Manchester United win (2.3) and Chelsea win (1.9)

Assuming the game has play and both Arsenal and Manchester United win but Chelsea loses, you will still make some money based on the amount you bet.

Another example is the Bundesliga: if you bet on the victory of Eintracht Frankfurt (odds 2.0), Hertha Berlin (odds 2.10), and 1899 Hoffenheim (odds 1.90), the following pairs would come up:

Bet 1: Win Frankfurt (2.0) vs Hertha Berlin (2.10)

Bet 2: To win Frankfurt (2.0) and to win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90)

Bet 3: To win Hertha Berlin (2.10) and to win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90)

Suppose Frankfurt and Hertha BSC win, but 1899 Hoffenheim draws. It brings us to the following result:

Bet 1: Win Eintracht Frankfurt (2.0) and Hertha Berlin (2.10) -> Win

Bet 2: Win Frankfurt (2.0) & Win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90) -> Lose

Bet 3: win Hertha Berlin (2.10) and win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90) -> lose

If we place bets of €10 each, then for a total of €30, our profit will be €42 (10 x 2.1 x 2.0), and our net profit will be €10 (€42 minus €30).

2 of 4 system bets

It is another example of a common systematic betting strategy. In this instance, it is most profitable to bet on high-stakes games. You can bet on the complete underdog and still make much money with some luck. You bet on Freiburg (3.60 odd), Werder Bremen (3.30 odd), Schalke (2.25 odd), and Hamburger SV (3.15 odd). These are your system bets:

Bet 1: Win Freiburg (3.60) vs. Bremen (3.30)

Bet 2: Win Freiburg (3.60) vs Schalke (2.25)

Bet 3: Win Freiburg (3.60) and win Hamburg (3.15)

Bet 4: Win Bremen (3.30) vs. Schalke (2.25)

Bet 5: To Win Bremen (3.30) and Hamburg (3.15)

Bet 6: Win Hamburg (3.15) and Schalke (2.25)

A stake of €10 per bet means a total stake of €60. If you win Freiburg and Bremen, you win bet 1, which yields €108.90 (10 x 3.6 x 3.3). If Schalke also gets 3 points, you win bet 1, bet 2, & bet 4, and your prize will be €274.05 (10 x 3.6 x 3.3 + 10 x 3.6 x 2.25 plus 10 x 3.3 x 2.25).

Two out of three system bets pay off when you bet on the underdog at high odds and get a little lucky in these games.

System Betting Advantages

Like every betting strategy, systematic betting has certain risks and benefits. We list some of the benefits associated with betting with the system:

  • relatively high chance of winning
  • minimal risk involved
  • A variety of betting options are available
  • You are sure that only two correct predictions will return
  • Use a variety of strategies for riskier betting.

System Betting Disadvantages

By betting systematically, you are more likely to make some money, no matter how small. However, aside from the profits, there are some downsides that we should let you know about. Here are some disadvantages of system betting:

  • Sometimes, a large betting budget is required
  • A bit complicated for new bettors
  • Bonus funds cannot use for wagering in most cases

Can system bets make money?

On the one hand, your chances of winning significantly increase since you keep down your risk. On the other hand, this procedure is only profitable if the quota is high and the stakes are large enough. However, you can build some good money with luck and good guesses about where the underdog wins.

Another possibility is to make another “bank” to your betting system. You should include a leg that you’re sure will happen. But this “bank” shortens your system bet and makes a “two out of four” bet a “two out of three.” The advantage is that you can enlarge the overall odds of your system bets. The disadvantage is if you lose the “bank,” the whole system fails bets.

Which sports are best for system betting?

System betting establishes in every sport, and there are no limits. Nonetheless, system betting is exciting in football betting, where the loser usually wins. If you look at the Bundesliga, there are a lot of teams at the same level, and sometimes teams who are supposed to be underdogs come up with surprises.

What else do you have to know?

Suppose you are just starting on your gaming journey as an inexperienced bettor. In that case, you may need help understanding the whole concept of systematic betting.

However, there are methods to overcome these challenges to hit the big bucks. A system betting calculator can be very useful in helping you decide how much return you are likely to get on your stake. With this, you can learn whether betting on your game is worth it.

Also, if you want to examine your knowledge of sports other than football, system betting allows you to integrate as many sports as you want into a single bet slip, increasing your chances of winning.

In fact, for advanced bettors, system betting allows you to readjust your betting using various strategies. With this, you can match multiple markets based on the available sports and games. It, in turn, will help you strategize more intelligently.

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