Trixie Bet: How it Works

March 10, 2023

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To obtain a return on a Trixie, at least two selections must be successful. The treble means that your profits can skyrocket if you land all three winners. It is most commonly utilized in horse racing wagering.

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What exactly is a Trixie bet?

Trixie’s four bets cover your three choices as follows:

Part Selections Number of bets
Doubles 1+2, 2+3, 1+3 3
Treble 1+2+3 1
  Total 4

Why should I bet on Trixie?

When you have three selections in separate events that you think will win, a Trixie is a multiple bet that can maximize your return due to the doubles and trebles.

Trixie bets are ideal for backing picks at short odds that won’t pay much of a return on single bets since they allow you to concentrate your staking power on more rewarding multiple bets.

Does a Lucky 15 have any drawbacks?

One minor disadvantage of a Trixie bet is that each of your bets must have the same stake; thus, you cannot place a greater stake on one specific combination.

Putting all the bets in a Trixie to your bet slip individually allows you to invest more on bets with your best chances and less on bets with your less confident options.

How to Calculate Trixie’s Winnings

The easiest option is to utilize a Trixie bet calculator, but it’s simple for those who want to grasp how their Trixie bet returns are calculated completely.

Convert fractional odds to decimal odds by dividing the top number by the second and adding one. (For instance, 2/1 becomes 3.0, and 9/4 becomes 3.25.)

  • Doubles: return = selection 1 odds x selection 2 odds (including stake)
  • Treble: one selection x two selections x three selections = return (including stake)

How does a Trixie work in both directions?

An each-way Trixie is one in which all bets are each-way bets. This implies there are eight bets in all, and the total stake for an each-way Trixie is double that of a conventional Trixie.

If you choose an each-way Trixie, you will receive a return for every horse that wins and for every horse that places in each race.

Bookmakers typically pay roughly 1/5 of the win odds for the put element of racing each-way bets. As an example, a £1 each-way bet (costing £2) on a 5/1 horse would pay out at Evens if it placed, resulting in a return of your £1 profit plus the returned £1 wager on the winning place bet.

With this in mind, it makes logical to include mostly selections with each-way place payouts greater than your initial stake.

What’s the distinction between a Trixie and a Patent?

A Trixie bet is related to a Patent in that you will make three choices.

The significant distinction is that the Patent allows single bets on all three selections for seven bets: three singles, three doubles, and a triple.

When your picks each have odds large enough to make a single bet on them worthwhile, you might prefer a Patent over a Trixie. A Patent with only 8/11 shots will only deliver a very modest return on your money for each bet.

A Trixie allows you to deposit a bigger unit wager across three doubles and a triple since it saves you the stake from the three single bets.

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