What are Taking Points?

May 26, 2023

There are opportunities to give and take in various competitions. Gamblers who take points back the underdogs, while gamblers who give points bet on the favorites. Players can score points through basketball and football point difference odds. Baseball provides the track, and hockey provides the puck. Players earning points gain a “lead” ahead of a game, and their team must win or stay within the spread to cash out winning bets.

How do bettors win when they Taking Points?

Unlike money lines, which require a winner to select with no spread, points give bettors two chances to win. From the NFL odds example below, a player gets +8 points to bet on Cleveland. If the Browns win or lose by seven points or fewer, bettors get $100 for every $110 wagered. The Ravens win by 9 points or more, resulting in a loss. If Baltimore wins by precisely 8 points, all bets will be PUSH, and original bets will be refunded.

CLE BROWNS +8     -110 O 49.5    -110 +290
BAL RAVENS -8     -110 U 49.5    -110 -375

Shop for the best odds when taking points.

As with game totals and money lines, buying the best odds before scoring points is important. Players advise opening accounts with multiple sportsbooks to compare the various odds available. Comparing the DraftKings odds above to the FanDuel odds below, bettors will get an extra half point for the bait if they bet on FanDuel. With +8.5 pips, PUSH is impossible, and the juice is the same for both sites.



+330 O 48




-390 U 48


Factors to consider when scoring

When taking points, bettors are betting on underdogs considered less than favorites. In addition to odds shopping, players must follow the proper research path before betting on losers. Recent history is the best place to start, showing bettors how well a team has performed offensively and defensively. A Team doing well offensively and struggling on defense is worth considering when betting on underdogs to score.

It is also great to know the current betting trends. Bettors must understand how each side plays against the margin when scoring points. Arizona State offers a good example: the Cardinals went 5-10-1 straight up during the 2019 NFL season but were underdogs at 9-4-2. Key injuries, as well as the playing field and weather, should also be considered before scoring. A balanced combination of take and put can help bettors achieve spread betting success.

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