What is Yankee betting and how does it work?

March 10, 2023

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Yankee consists of 11 equal bets, played on four different events: 6 doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold.

At least two picks must succeed among the Yankees to guarantee a return. Triples and quadruples increase your winnings if more than two picks come up, which could mean some big wins for the Yankees.

How does Yankee betting work?

Yankee’s 11 bets cover your four selections as follows:

Part Selections Number of bets
Doubles 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 2+3, 2+4, 3+4 6
Trebles 1+2+3, 1+2+4, 1+3+4, 2+3+4 4
Four-fold 1+2+3+4 1
  Total 11

Why should I bet on the Yankees?

If you’re backing four different events and you want each to win, the Yankees are an easy way to bet multiples to ensure a bigger bet if any two, three, or all four of your picks succeed in victory.

The Yankees place back multiple options that might individually pay a shorter price and command a more substantial return when making such bets.

With all four picks strongly expected to deliver, the Yankees ignore the singles and focus their bets on more profitable multiples with the potential for bigger payouts.

Yankees downside

The main problem with Yankee is that it does not allow you to bet different amounts on the various multiples included in the Bet. They must all be the same.

For example, you may wish to bet less on a quadruple than a double, or you may want to place higher bets on singles, doubles, and triples that include your favorite selections.

How to Calculate Yankee Betting Bonuses

The easiest way is to use our Yankee Betting Calculator, but if you want to know how to do it yourself, here’s how.

  • If you use fractional odds, convert them to decimal odds by dividing the highest odds by the lowest and adding one.
  • For Doubles, Triples, and Quadruples, multiply the decimal odds for the appropriate options and the result by your unit stake.

How does an Each-way Yankee work?

One Way Yankees is where every Bet is a one-way bet on the Yankees, with 22 Bets made. That means the Bet is double that of a regular Yankee.

Each way, Yankees pay out a prize for each ranked horse and each winning horse.

When placing a one-way Yankee, the excellent point is to include options where the position payout for a single one-way bet is equal to, if not more than, your unit stake.

Bookmakers usually offer 1/5 odds of winning on the position portion of a one-way bet on a racing car. It means a single Bet of £1 on a 5/1 horse (costing £2) is paid out at night if your horse gets a place, meaning your return will be your £1 profit, plus a stake of £1 return on winnings.

What is the difference between Yankee betting and Lucky 15?

The Yankee and the Lucky 15 are multiples that apply to four selections on different events.

The difference is that the Yankees do not include a Single bet on four selections, while the Lucky 15 does.

What is the difference between Yankee betting and Super Yankee?

A Yankee has four selections, while a Super Yankee (also known as a Canadian) has five picks and 26 bets. Different payoffs achieve depending on how many of the five selections win.

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