American football player Damar Hamlins critically injured, shows progress

January 5, 2023

American football player Damar Hamlin’s fall earlier this week during a game startled and worried the nation; he is reportedly making progress in a Cincinnati, Ohio, hospital.


According to Hamlin’s team, the Buffalo Bills of New York, he remains hospitalized and is in critical condition. On Monday night, while watching the Buffalo Bills play the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League (NFL), Hamlin experienced a cardiac arrest.


The Bills posted on social media that Hamlin had made progress but was “expected that he will remain in intensive care as his healthcare team continues to monitor and treat him.”.


Monday’s live broadcast of Hamlin’s collapse on North American television stunned viewers all over the region. The 24-year-old Damar Hamlin was struck in the chest during what seemed to be a regular tackle and rose to fix his face mask before falling back to the ground.


Hamlin received a flood of support following the incident. The player was revived on the field during the broadcast and taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he is still alive.


It was reported to reporters by Hamlin’s uncle, Dorrian Glenn, on Tuesday evening that the amount of oxygen the patient required had decreased from 100% to 50%.


The player’s beloved ones were “elated” by the outflow of good wishes, according to Jordon Rooney, a family spokesman who identified himself as a close friend of Hamlin. He also stated that “recovering from this, for him and his love ones, is going to be an amazing way.”


Vigils have been conducted in Cincinnati and around the Bills’ home stadium to support Hamlin’s speedy recovery. The Chasing M’s Foundation, a Hamlin-founded charity, has also received many contributions. This organization started a campaign to raise money for kids’ toys.


The initial $2,500 goal was quickly surpassed, and by Wednesday afternoon, donations had reached more than $6.3 million.


The Bengals and Bills game was postponed indefinitely due to Hamlin’s failure, which also halted play in an ongoing competition.


If the Bengals and Bills game is postponed, that has yet to be discovered. A rematch won’t be held this week, the NFL announced in a statement on Tuesday.

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