Anthony Davis of Lakers could be traded to the Nets in exchange for Durant

Anthony Davis trade talk
November 9, 2022

Even though the NBA season has only been going for a few weeks, trade speculations have already begun to flare up. The league believes that the Brooklyn Nets may be close to hitting the reset button because of all the unpredictability around them. The Nets are uncertain and confused due to Kyrie Irving’s ban, and if he were never to return, Brooklyn might reconsider its trade options for Kevin Durant.


Over the summer, it was widely reported that Durant wanted to leave Brooklyn. Although he ultimately denied it, his trade request dominated the NBA news cycle, and it’s possible that the Kevin Durant trade story hasn’t come to a close yet.


According to a source, the Brooklyn Nets, in exchange for Kevin Durant, was one of four possible trade destinations for Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis.


However, Hughes noted that Davis “might solve Brooklyn’s primary shortcomings on the other end.” Like almost every NBA player, Davis isn’t the offensive force that Durant is. Kyrie Irving’s future as a Net is not guaranteed, and the Nets rank lowest in opponent offensive rebound rate. Trading Durant could leave Brooklyn without a reliable offensive option.


Hughes argues that if the Nets were to trade Durant, a guy like Davis would provide them with an immediate top option while also assisting in the team’s aging process. Considering his injury history, it isn’t easy to see Davis fitting into a rebuilding schedule. Still, Brooklyn might not be interested in bottoming out if they were forced to let Durant go.


The Lakers have been among the worst teams in the NBA this season despite possessing LeBron James, which is why trade speculations are already becoming hot. Brooklyn also has the skill, but they have different problems, and the same can be said about them. Even though a trade of this magnitude is extremely unlikely, monitoring Davis and Durant’s availability is essential as their respective teams continue to struggle.

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