Cashman remarked he would secure Aaron Judge and keep him if he could wave a magic wand

Aaron Judge
November 9, 2022

The ideal offseason for the Yankees would have already included a new deal for Aaron Judge, allowing them to focus on the remaining urgent requirements. Since the slugger’s free agency is not expected to be resolved quickly, the team may be forced to wait while they cross their fingers.


GM Brian Cashman declined to answer when asked if Judge and the Yankees have spoken since the end of the American League Championship Series. Still, he stated that keeping Judge is the organization’s top priority. Cashman said on Tuesday at the General Managers’ Meetings in Las Vegas.


If you could wave a magic wand, Cashman said, “ideally, we would secure Aaron Judge, keep him, and have him signed and comfortable in the fold as soon as possible.” He is available for hire. He will direct the dance moves because he has earned the right to be a free agent.


As a result of earlier this season’s rejection of a seven-year, $213.5 million extension, Judge is anticipated to want a deal worth at least $300 million.


Cashman stated that he has no intention of meeting Judge’s agent, Page Odle, in person during the GM Meetings. Cashman added, “Like any past year, he’s going to be committing a lot,” about the fact that managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner has yet to present the club with its 2023 budget.


The Yankees wrapped up their professional scouting sessions to assess potential trade and free-agent markets. As the Yankees headed into the summer, Cashman was asked to list his team’s requirements. He responded, “Right now, we don’t have a right fielder, we don’t have a left fielder, and we’d always like to enhance the pitching.”


Harrison Bader, Aaron Hicks, and Giancarlo Stanton are still under contract despite Judge and Andrew Benintendi becoming free agents (Cashman praised Benintendi’s slow heartbeat and stated the team would “have a chat” about his return). Even though his contract only has three years left, Hicks’ future in the Bronx is in doubt, while Stanton is seen as more of a designated hitter.


First baseman Anthony Rizzo, who decided against accepting the remaining $16 million in his deal and is now a free agent, is someone the Yankees would like to keep, according to Cashman. Judge Rizzo and right-hander Jameson Taillon may receive qualifying offers from the Yankees, and Rizzo may find multi-year contracts elsewhere.


If possible, we’d love to re-sign Anthony Rizzo, Cashman said. “We’ll continue communicating with him and the rest of the market. There is a vacancy at first base right now. We prefer to keep the player we are familiar with and enjoy. In the end, you must consider both trade and free agency.


Cashman stated that he sees “a lot of exciting opportunities that could play out next spring in the middle infield category” after Oswald Peraza’s impressive performance as a September call-up led to Isiah Kiner-benching Falefa’s during the AL Division Series. Peraza or Oswaldo Cabrera could have a chance to win the starting job, with top prospect Anthony Volpe also anticipated to be in big league camp.


According to Cashman, you need to have flexibility and an open mind at this time of year to ensure that you examine all genuine offers.


This also applies to the coaching market; assistant hitting coach Hensley Meulens accepted the top hitting coach post with the Rockies after leaving manager Aaron Boone’s staff.


According to Cashman, the Yankees’ offseason will not be impacted by his unresolved contract problem. Steinbrenner urged Cashman to continue in his position since February 1998, even though his contract with the team expires on October 31.


According to Cashman, we’ll sit down and discuss it, but there are obviously greater issues that must be resolved first.

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