Coach Bickerstaff of Cavs called out referees for enabling Thompson’s moving screen

Coach Bickerstaff
November 14, 2022

At the game’s end, the Cleveland Cavaliers can’t catch a break. They were treated unfairly when playing the LA Clippers, which happened once more when playing the Warriors. Even though Cleveland missed a crucial call that could have ended the game, the Warriors weren’t getting positive calls against the Cavs during the whole game.


JB Bickerstaff, the head coach of the Cavaliers, criticized the officials for allowing Klay Thompson to use a moving screen with 30 seconds remaining, which gave the Warriors a chance to go up four points.


These folks are too good and effective for you to quit fighting them, Bickerstaff added. Some questionable plays occurred in the final minutes, such as Isaac Okoro being clearly hit by Klay Thompson on a moving screen, leading to a three-point play. “You’ve got one of the best players on the Earth with the ball in his hands, and if you’re allowed to set moving screens like that, he will be allowed to have an advantage. It keeps happening, and I’ve yet to figure out what we can do about it,” he said.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a terrible predicament, especially given that the officials acknowledged their mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes happen a lot in basketball, but thankfully for the Warriors, it worked in their favor.

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