Draymond Green honestly specifies his role with Warriors

Draymond Green role
December 5, 2022

It is frequently claimed that Draymond Green was selected in the ideal circumstance. The Golden State Warriors were still far from a dynasty, but they suddenly possessed Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, who would become one of the greatest trios in history. With his particular mix of abilities, Green provided the Warriors with precisely what they needed, and he continues to serve as the team’s defensive anchor ten years later.


Green is aware of the ideal situation he found himself in, but he is also aware of how he made it so. He thinks he would have been successful no matter where he ended up because of this.


In a recent episode of Uninterrupted, Green remarked, “I would have been successful anyplace I went because I’m trying to – as you said- figure shit out. I will figure it out if I’m needed in this position.”


Green then related his interaction with Mark Jackson, the former Warriors head coach, when he first arrived in Golden State and how Jackson advised him just to be himself. That was composed of defense, leadership, and toughness. Green claimed that was his secret to getting on the floor once he accepted it. Once on the court, he understood that playing in that manner was also his secret to success.


“You cannot be that once you find your way on the court in the NBA,” Green added. “Steph Curry can never not shoot threes, so the moment you say I’ve gotten this good at this, I don’t have to do the things that made me Draymond, that’s it. No one wants you anymore.”

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