England hitters break 112-year Test record as ‘Bazball’ rewrites history

January 2, 2023

Ben Stokes’ team is rewriting history as England’s “Bazball” Test cricket revolution continues to disrupt the sport’s recognized rules.


The term “Bazball,” which honors England’s head coach Brendon McCullum, describes their all-out offensive strategy.


England has won nine of its ten Test matches since the former New Zealand batter was hired in May, garnering accolades for its lively style of play.


The second-highest run rate by a team in a calendar year since Test cricket began in 1877 was achieved by England in 2022, scoring 4.13 runs per over.


Only the Australian team in 1910 scored more runs per over (4.47) than England. But that only covered two Test games.


Australia scored 4.08 runs per over in 2003, a recent high.


In December, England defeated Pakistan 3-0 by scoring a scarcely credible 5.50 runs per over.


England has only ever won two Test matches there before the series.


Australia scored 3.62 runs per over in 2022 as a point of comparison.


When discussing the series against Pakistan with Wide World of Sports, former Australian captain Ian Chappell claimed Stokes should receive much credit for the team’s performance.


He told Wide World of Sports, “It takes balls to play this manner when you’re in a scenario where you can lose.


It’s simple to say, but Stokes’ courage in continuing to do so when the acid was on him is commendable.


As a captain, “I genuinely like him because he never gives up trying to win.”

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