Former NBA player severely shames Yuta Watanabe

January 13, 2023


Yuta Watanabe is treasured throughout the NBA. Everyone, it would appear, except for Chandler Parsons.


Parsons threw a ton of shade at Watanabe when talking about the sharpshooter during the three-point competition on FanDuel TV.


Parsons remarked, “You can’t enter that man in the three-point competition.” I know he’s having a terrific year, and I know his percentages are good, but do you think of Yuta when you think of the finest shooters in the NBA? I believe he would crumble under pressure.”


The other hosts of the show fiercely defended including Yuta in the three-point competition as Parsons completely denigrated Yuta.


Shams Charania remarked, “He’s got to be in the three-point competition Chandler.”. He is leading the league in three-point shooting in the corners, where I estimate he is shooting around 60%. You’re right if he doesn’t act quickly, but you still need to get him in there.”


Despite other analysts defending Yuta, Parsons doubled down and made a defiant statement.


Yuta Watanabe will not succeed, Parsons predicted.


Simply because Yuta Watanabe is so well-liked in the NBA that it’s unusual for someone to hold such hatred toward him, it’s a rather amusing position. Hopefully, Yuta can disprove Chandler Parsons in the three-point competition and win over Nets supporters. Up next for the Nets, though, is the Boston Celtics tonight.

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