In a supermarket stabbing in Milan, Arsenal defender Pablo Mari was wounded

Pablo Mari stabbed and wounded
October 28, 2022

Pablo Mari, a defender for Arsenal, was one of six persons who were knifed in a supermarket outside Milan. They brought him to the hospital. The center back is reportedly awake.


According to reports, the incident happened on Thursday at approximately 6.30 p.m. in a Carrefour inside the Milanofirori di Assago shopping mall.


Six people were harmed and hurt during an attack by a 46-year-old man who stole a knife from the shop’s shelves and was detained.


Calciomercato claims that before the police came, other shop patrons managed to halt the assailant.


“I just found out,” said Mikel Arteta after the Gunners’ 2-0 loss to PSV Eindhoven. 


The club continued: “The horrific news of the stabbing in Italy, which has left many people hospitalized, including our center-back on loan Pablo Mari, has horrified us all.


“We have spoken to Pablo’s agent, who has informed us that the actor is hospitalized but not gravely harmed. Pablo and the other victims of this terrible incident are in our thoughts.”


We’re all here with you, Pablo, and we love you. Keep fighting the best you can, you are a fighter, and you will get better soon, said AC Monza president Adriano Galliani on the club’s Twitter page.


Pablo Mari is not in danger because his injuries are not life-threatening, Galliani continued in a statement, and we hope to see him back soon.


The shopping center issued the following statement: “Concerning the incidents that occurred at the Assago Hypermarket on the night of October 27, Carrefour Italia expresses its sincere condolences to the victims of the attack, both staff and customers, as well as to their families.


“The company certifies that it acted immediately to notify the police and rescue services, to halt the attacker, who was detained, and to ensure the success of the rescue efforts.


“Top management representatives arrived on the spot and are in contact with the victims’ relatives.


Immediately after the incident, Carrefour Italia established a psychological support program for all workers affected, whether they were directly or indirectly involved.


“Now that we are far away, we feel calmer,” one witness told ANSA, “but we were terrified, we did not comprehend what was happening, and we saw people rushing away in tears.”


A different person chimed in, saying, “We were at the pub, and we believed it was a robbery because we saw some lads and a lady running…


Then, when we noticed an increasing number of people with upset expressions, we understood that a terrible incident had occurred.

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