Irving refuses to speak amid social media backlash, defending rights to share

November 2, 2022

Tuesday’s press conference with Kyrie Irving was postponed. At the same time, the Brooklyn Nets consider how to handle the aftermath of the star guard sharing a link to an anti-Semitic movie on social media.


After the Nets’ game on Saturday, Irving maintained his identity and the freedom to post whatever he wanted. General manager Sean Marks claimed the organization didn’t want to stir up more “trouble” by having Irving speak again after its game on Tuesday.


Everyone, according to a source, is aware that he will eventually need to respond to these inquiries, and he hasn’t resisted doing so in the past. “However, I believe the most recent post-game meeting did not go well, and we are not attempting to hide it. I believe this issue needs to be addressed, but let’s do so in the proper form and manner.”


Marks claimed that the team’s decision to fire coach Steve Nash on Tuesday was unrelated to the Irving incident. That’s another problem for a team that is having trouble on the floor and losing support off it. During Monday’s Nets victory over Indiana, some spectators sat courtside wearing shirts that read “Fight Antisemitism.”


“Look, it makes sense. I understand what’s happening here, Marks said. “I’m not very proud of our predicament, you know?”


Irving did not address the media after the game on Monday after taking down the Sunday Twitter tweet.


Marks stated that the group is consulting with the Anti-Defamation League to determine the appropriate approach with Irving. Irving will keep competing while remaining silent for at least one more game.


At some time, Marks predicted, “he’ll come here and do media again, but I believe right now we don’t want to make more fuss, more interaction with people.” Let’s give him some space to calm down and, I assume, let calmer heads rule. We must seek out information for ourselves and the group and receive guidance from professionals; the ADL is unquestionably one of them.

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