Kirk Cousins leads NFC to a 35-33 victory over the AFC in the Pro Bowl

February 8, 2023

Kirk Cousins’ comeback against the Indianapolis Colts, which set an NFL record and helped his team win the NFC North, fell short of that feat.


However, there was a reason Cousins started at quarterback for the third and last flag football game on Sunday at the Pro Bowl.


Eli Manning, the NFC coach, wanted Cousins to make the final decision. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback complied by completing three touchdown passes to lead the NFC to a 35-33 victory over the AFC at the Pro Bowl Games and snap that conference’s five-game losing run.


The NFC won the NFL’s restructured all-star game after Cousins completed 15 of his 19 throws for 150 yards.


Although it was difficult to wait so long to play, Cousins said, “I appreciate Eli letting me be the third person, and it’s wonderful to go in there and be the nearer.”


The AFC entered the final flag game with a 21-15 advantage against the NFC based on the previous flag games and skills contests.


Running back Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers commented, “I thought it was fantastic. “You guys had fun. At the very end, it became intense.


Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders observed that the NFC took the game more seriously than he had anticipated, as seen by the dispatch of Cowboys defender KaVontae Turpin toward the quarterback.


Adams hoped that the NFC would play some man-to-man defense instead of perpetually reverting to Cover-2 and blitzing one of the league’s fastest players. They used an interesting technique, but it was still enjoyable.


Brotherly rivalry


Each Manning brother has won two Super Bowls, although Eli has the Pro Bowl triumph against Peyton.


Eli joked on the NFL’s Twitter account, “I am the greatest coach of the Mannings.” It’s incredible how much better I am at coaching than Peyton.


He wasn’t the only brother to have something to boast about. Trevon Diggs of the Dallas Cowboys intercepted a pass after Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs pulled off a trick.




However, the Cleveland Browns reported that defensive end Myles Garrett dislocated a toe on Sunday, even though X-rays returned negative.


Garrett produced a team-high 16 sacks while playing with a damaged shoulder following a car accident in September this season.


The NFL wanted to avoid injuries, so they adopted this new model.


At the goal line, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill was brought down by Los Angeles Rams CB Jalen Ramsey despite tackling not being permitted.




Cousins expressed his hope that kids who watch the Pro Bowl will be inspired to play flag football and contribute to the growth of that version of the game.


It took some getting acclimated to the switch to a flag game, but Cousins claimed that it also made it more enjoyable.


He said, “You’re sketching stuff up in the dirt.” “Since the plan wasn’t as well defined, several of our players entered the huddle saying, “Hey, I think if we did this. ” You try to pay attention to them and consider their advice. Thus, it was enjoyable but also somewhat hectic.


McCaffrey agreed.


Because this was so new, learning the rules was a little challenging, according to McCaffrey. But everyone had fun and picked things up very quickly.




The Pro Bowl has drawn much criticism recently, but the NFL continues to host the game because spectators are interested in it.


More than 2,000 more people than the 58,331-official attendance from the previous game at Allegiant Stadium are announced.


The location of the 2019 Pro Bowl has yet to be determined, but it is unlikely that the NFL will support holding the game there immediately before the Super Bowl, which will take place in Las Vegas.

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