L.A’s head coach talked about his sixth player’s Westbrook issues with the Sacramento Kings

Russell Westbrook issue
November 14, 2022

A major issue for the team during the most recent Los Angeles Lakers loss, which occurred on Friday against the visiting Sacramento Kings, was that it allowed late leads in both its second and decisive fourth quarters to slip away.


With 1:31 remaining in the first half of the Friday game, Los Angeles leads the Sacramento Kings by 13 points, as you will undoubtedly recall. To conclude the half, the Kings went on a 14-5 run, cutting the Lakers’ lead to only 60-56. Then, with 2:13 left in regulation and Sacramento leading 114-112, the Lakers made a series of mistakes that allowed Sacramento to go on a decisive 8-0 run.


Due to careless turnovers, fouls, and takes, $47.1 million sixth man Russell Westbrook played a significant role in both collapses.


When challenged directly about Westbrook’s shortcomings in trying to finish off both the first and second half of the game, Ham had a very reasonable response:


Ham responded delicately, “Well, I think there were some regrettable plays that he would ordinarily make. I think he was important to us tonight. He gave us a huge lift at the three-point line. Overall, with his point total. And there were moments he pushed the pace. There were times he put pressure on the paint. But If I had to experience it all over again, I would put him in the same positions. I located several guys for simple appearance. But it isn’t easy. I can’t go into detail without discussing the movie, but a few things stand out in my memory. But I’ll repeat it: He would be in the game under those circumstances if I had to do it over again.”


Although Westbrook has improved since Ham switched him to a bench role for L.A., he still has issues, and those problems were in full force on Friday to the detriment of his team.

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