LeBron believes Kyrie Irving should be allowed to return and play

Lebron James to Irving
November 11, 2022

Regarding someone’s discriminatory remarks or actions, LeBron James typically doesn’t listen to excuses.


He’s making an exception this time.


James expressed his support for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving’s return to the court on Thursday via his social media accounts.


James stated on Twitter, “I told you people that I don’t believe in releasing damaging information.” And I’ll stay that way, but Irving apologized, and he should be able to play. Help him learn, but he should be playing. What he’s being asked to do to go back on the floor is excessive. He’s not the person who’s being depicted as him, anyway; back to my rehab session.


Irving received a five-game initial suspension for retweeting a link to a movie with anti-Jewish content. He apologized subsequently.


This is his complete statement:


“To every Jewish family and community injured and affected by my tweet, I sincerely apologize. I initially reacted emotionally to being falsely accused of being anti-semitic instead of concentrating on helping my Jewish brothers and sisters. They were wounded by the horrible comments aired in the documentary. By apologizing for releasing the documentary without background and providing a factual explanation describing the exact points in the documentary I agreed and also disagreed with, I am hoping to clear up any misinterpretation about where I stand in the battle against antisemitism (sic). I did not mean to offend anyone or spread hate by disrespecting Jewish cultural history concerning the Holocaust. I’m taking lessons from this tragic incident and hoping we can all agree. I am the same as every other human being. I seek knowledge and truth and am aware of who I Am.”

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