Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will go on a 4-day “darkness retreat” to think about his future

February 9, 2023

According to the proverb, light always follows darkness, and Aaron Rodgers seems determined to discover this truth before deciding how to proceed with his playing career.


On Tuesday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said he’ll be going on a “darkness retreat” that will include “four nights of utter darkness” before deciding his course for the 2023 NFL season.


On the broadcast, Rodgers did not mention his future football plans and stated that all options, including retirement and not playing for the Green Bay Packers, are still on the table. He’ll first be alone with his thoughts in a dark room in an undisclosed location before deciding on that, and it seems to happen shortly.


When asked if he was still considering retiring, Rodgers responded, “Yeah, it’s a real thing, 100%.” To be able to think through everything (about) my future and then come to a conclusion that is best for me moving ahead in the highest interest of my happiness. It will be crucial to get through this week before going on my solitude retreat.


“I’m looking forward to it,” he continued. “It’s just lying in silence, which most of us never do. We hardly ever even turn our phones off or draw the shades so we can sleep in the dark.”


McAfee pressed Rodgers for more information about this “darkness retreat” thing. Will he be underground? Will he be left all by himself? Will a meal be provided? Next week, will Rodgers appear on the program?


Rodgers didn’t address all that, but he said he would be in a one-room “small house” with no other people around, two slots where food is dropped, and blacked-out windows. Nothing else; no books, tablets, or fidget spinners are available. A $30 million quarterback has only four days to consider the next step in his playing career.


Additionally, Rodgers stated he might leave after a couple of nights if it becomes monotonous, which is a convenient choice.


You’re not confined, Rodgers remarked. “No, you may go; if you cannot, simply exit the building.”


But from what it sounds like, the 39-year-old quarterback eagerly anticipates the experience and intends to persevere.


I have many friends who have done it and reported having some life-changing experiences, he said. “It’s been on my calendar for a very long time, and It’ll be here in a few weeks,” he said. “It’s been on my radar for a few years, and I thought it would be incredible to accomplish regardless of where I was heading after this season.”


Many amusing queries were posted on social media in response to Rodgers’ announcement on Tuesday. We are all on our paths, and doing things like this helps me reach a better sense of serenity and love for life, the online QB wrote in response to some of the mockery on Twitter.


Of course, Rodgers is familiar with some of this hoodoo sorcery. This is a man who, a few years ago, during a three-day trip to Peru, freely discussed his experiments with ayahuasca ceremonies. Around a year ago, when his fate in Green Bay was still uncertain, Rodgers revealed his 12-day Panchakarma cleanse to McAfee, which involved induced vomiting and forced diarrhea to clear his system.


Rodgers gained some additional notoriety last week when he and PGA golfer Ben Silverman won the amateur division of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Fans yelled Rodgers’ name throughout the competition to sign him to their preferred squad, with some throaty New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders fans audible during the broadcast.


When asked what he thought of that behavior, Rodgers promptly informed his audience that he was an employee of the Packers and not a free agent.


The only information Rodgers gave regarding his future at the tourney was that he wouldn’t be “heading to San Fran,” which may have been a subliminal dig at the 49ers fans who have previously booed him there.


This year was much more optimistic, he said. Raiders supporters were the most vocal and numerous, and there was a lot of support for my being transferred to their team.


They will soon be drowned out in a piercing quiet, along with all the others save Rodgers’. He’ll be in complete seclusion, planning his next course of action between his twice-daily meals. Will Rodgers play his 19th season in Green Bay? Or will he request a trade for his remaining seasons elsewhere?


In his isolation room, he could make that choice. Fans will have to wait until that is over to learn more about his future.


“I have a great opportunity to reflect on myself in some alone,” Rodgers remarked. “And then, I feel like I’ll be much closer to making a final decision after that.”

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