Phillies reached an agreement with a switch-hitting Dominican SS (source)

January 16, 2023

Industry sources claim that the team and shortstop Jesus Caba, the Top 50 international talent ranked No. 13 and compared to Francisco Lindor, have reached an agreement on a $3 million contract.


The deal has yet to be verified by the Phillies, who have a base signing pool of $4,644,000. A physical examination is pending the transaction. For signing Nick Castellanos, who turned down Cincinnati’s qualifying offer as a free agent in the previous summer, the team forfeited $500,000 from their pools.


Due to his instincts and powerful arm at shortstop, Caba has the potential to be an above-average player defensively. The 17-year-old completes all the expected plays and displays a reliable internal clock during competitions. He also exhibits the kind of footwork and gentle hands that will help him hold onto the position as he progresses through the Minor Leagues.


The switch-hitter exhibits good mechanics at the plate and has the power to carry the ball to all fields. He consistently makes heavy contact, and more raw power could emerge as he grows and matures. He is physically fit and could be a better runner than average.


Caba works out in the Dominican Republic alongside Basilio “Cachaza” Vizcaino. The MLB Trainer Partnership Program includes Vizcaino.


Between January 15 and December 15, a foreign player can sign with a Major League team. Players born between September 1, 2005, and August 31, 2006, will be eligible to sign during the forthcoming signing period since they must turn 16 before he signs and be 17 before September 1 of the following year. Players can only sign if they have previously registered with Major League Baseball.


Starting on January 15, teams may exchange foreign bonus pool funds.

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