Rich Eisen feels that the criticism of Westbrook is unfair

Westbrook criticism
October 22, 2022

The only thing mentioned in the media is Lakers guard Russell Westbrook’s failure to compete.


Despite all the media attention guard, Russell Westbrook has been subjected to recently, the Lakers’ first defeat of the season against the Warriors wasn’t nice. Westbrook’s future with the Lakers is still up in the air, but sports expert Rich Eisen thinks the criticism of Westbrook is unfair.


To prove Eisen’s argument, Charles Barkley said the Lakers should move Westbrook after the break because it appeared as though the pleasure was being taken out of him. The Lakers’ execution issues ultimately affect the entire team, but Westbrook receives the most criticism for his careless turnovers and airballs.


The future Hall of Fame guard will continue to focus on the issue of Westbrook’s energy, but Eisen doesn’t let it stop him from discussing the Lakers as a whole. Eisen feels Westbrook shouldn’t be subject to this amount of scrutiny, particularly after the first game of the year.


“It only took one game for the offseason-long narrative that Russell Westbrook doesn’t fit here and Darvin Hams plan is something he’s not buying into” to come true as the Lakers lose in San Francisco. “Westbrook had a better plus/minus last night than LeBron and Anthony Davis. The Lakers now fall to 11-11 with all three in the lineup together.”


The remainder of the season is still to be played. Concerns about Westbrook and his motivation to play for the team have already surfaced. It’s still early to start worrying about Russell Westbrook.

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