Suns defender Lachie Weller is on track for a quick recovery following surgery

Lachie Weller
November 18, 2022

Weller sustained the injury in the first week of June and is expected to recover thoroughly soon after surgery.


The 26-year-old may return between mid-April and the mid-season bye because players often return 10 to 12 months after surgery.


Speaking on behalf of Gold Coast’s new co-major sponsor Sixt on Thursday morning, coach Stuart Dew praised Weller for his “fantastic” rehabilitation.


Dew reported, “He’s tracking pretty well.


“I did not want to set a time limit on him, but he’s really eager to return, so we need to make sure we physically check off everything.


“We’re crossing our fingers that he makes progress in his rehabilitation.


“Having him would be fantastic, but we won’t take any chances.


We want to ensure he is prepared for the rest of the season and his future career.


Wil Powell (dislocated ankle) and Connor Budarick (ruptured ACL) were the other two Suns defenders whose seasons were ended prematurely by significant injuries. Weller missed the final two months of the season.


Powell has resumed running with the leading group and will “boost it up after Christmas,” while Budarick is approximately a month behind Weller’s development.


On Monday, a 2km time trial will kick off the first preseason practice for Gold Coast players.

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