Team India is now the top-ranked Test team due to a huge ICC error

January 18, 2023

Being ranked first in the ICC rankings in one format, the T20 Internationals is a commendable accomplishment for Team India. However, it is even more crucial to be at the top simultaneously in two different forms, and the Indian squad was able to feel that on Tuesday, January 17, if briefly. On the International Cricket Council (ICC) website, Team India unexpectedly ascended to the top spot in the rankings for the most extended format despite not having played a Test series or taken part in one currently.


The fans quickly discovered the glitch, and pictures and images of the most recent Test rankings began to take over social media. Australia, the top team in the format, saw its rating points drop from 126 to 111 due to a technological error, as was later discovered. However, the problem was fixed a few hours later, and the Pat Cummins-led team was promoted back to the top rank. Team India is currently ranked No. 2 in the Test rankings, 11 rating points behind Australia.


The World Test Championship (WTC) table for 2021–23 also has a similar appearance, with Australia currently holding the top spot and India behind in the second. The next four-match series between the two cricketing juggernauts, though, might cause everything to alter.


The Australian team will be out for blood next month when India hosts Australia for the first time in a Test series since 2017. The Asian squad defeated Australia Down Under in two straight series in 2018-19 and 2020-21. While Australia is almost guaranteed a spot in the WTC championship game, Team India still needs to win at least a few games to go to their second straight Test championship final.

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