Thompson tells ESPN to invite the best athlete, not the “clown ” Ronnie 2k

Thompson reaction
October 19, 2022

The hosts of a program on NBA Today spoke with a man legally known as Ronnie Singh. Formerly known only as the “digital marketing director” for the NBA 2K series, Singh has worked for 2K for a long time. However, as the game’s popularity has grown and they have become more and more entangled in the worst excesses of influencer and brand culture, Singh is now known as “Ronnie 2K,” serving as the public face of the entire franchise.


Following an appearance by Ronnie 2K on ESPN, related to Klay Thompson’s dispute with Ronnie Singh, also known as Ronnie 2K, the NBA 2K franchise raged on. On social media, Ronnie 2K was criticized by Thompson for his three-point percentage in the game, which has been the topic of an ongoing dispute.


Ronnie 2K was questioned about how much players would go to raise their rating in the game during an appearance on the NBA Today. The face of the NBA 2K brand, Ronnie 2K, acknowledged that some players have accepted bribes, but he always advises those players to “play better.”


When Ronnie 2K’s conversation with Thompson was captured on camera and posted on Instagram, Thompson went to the comments area to voice his dissatisfaction.


Thompson questioned, “Y’all actually interviewed this clown?”


Singh said during his participation in the program that players had offered him favors in exchange for a higher 2K rating.


Along the way, there was some bribery, Singh said. “Some sort of grail sneakers have been provided to me. I’ve been given a lot of options. Here’s the deal: Don’t make any further offers to me. Do you know how to increase your rating? Play better.


Thompson, who recently helped the Warriors win their fourth NBA title, ripped the sport in an Instagram story post last month over his NBA 2K23 3-point shooting percentage. After defeating Stephen Curry in a match at the NBA’s international games in Japan, Thompson reiterated his prior remarks, demanding Singh adjust his three-point rating. When the ratings for NBA 2K23 were revealed, Thompson’s three-point rating was 88. Thompson found it a little too low and informed the franchise of this on social media.


Since the SEGA Dreamcast, “NBA 2k has been doo,” Thompson stated in an Instagram story.


Thompson also shared a picture of his name next to teammate Steph Curry in the list of the most three-pointers ever made in an NBA playoff. Thompson has taken down 451 shots, while Curry has hit 561.


Thompson has 1,912 made three-pointers in his NBA career, ranking him 18th all-time while shooting 41.7 percent from outside the arc.


Singh later re-posted the video to Twitter with the hashtag “RentFree,” to which Thompson’s teammate on the Warriors, Draymond Green, replied, “Ronnie, you advertise a video game, sir. Quit acting like the traditional media.


NBA players frequently dispute on social media over their ratings. Kevin Durant, a top player for the Nets, tweeted last month that his 96 rating in NBA 2K23 was “laughable.” In a Twitter spat with Singh in August of last year, Kamiah Adams-Beal, the wife of Bradley Beal, referred to Singh and the game’s ratings as “jokes” after the Wizards player received an 89.

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