Warriors’ Stephen Curry dismissed for throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd out of distress at Jordan Poole

January 27, 2023

The Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies squared off on Wednesday in the most recent installment of one of the NBA’s heated rivalries. Still, Stephen Curry was barred from the action for the final 74 seconds of the exciting triumph following one of the strangest ejections you’ll ever witness.


Klay Thompson dropped a mid-range jumper that would have increased the Warriors’ lead to two with 1:23 left in the fourth quarter. Things started to spiral out of control when Donte DiVincenzo seized the offensive board and swiftly passed it to Jordan Poole.


Poole made a fast 3-pointer while Curry yelled for the ball. He failed. Curry furiously threw his mouthpiece towards the spectators, seemingly upset with Poole. He was promptly dismissed from the game by the officials.


This was Curry’s third career expulsion, and the first two were notable for similar reasons. Curry threw his mouthpiece in both cases. One was in the 2016 NBA Finals versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ironically, the previous matchup in 2017 involved these very Grizzlies.


Steve Kerr, the coach, remarked following the game, “He knows he can’t make that mistake again.”


Fortunately for the Warriors, Curry’s absence did not result in a loss in the contest. Despite the Grizzlies’ two attempts to tie the game, the Warriors ultimately prevailed thanks to Poole’s spectacular layup from an in-bounds pass with 0.0 seconds left on the clock.


Poole expressed his displeasure with kicking Curry out of the game. On the source broadcast, he remarked, “There’s no reason he should be kicked out in the final three minutes of the game.” Regardless of the result, the officials will come under intense scrutiny for their choice to disqualify Curry because he is one of the best players in history. The audience wants to see players like Curry on the field instead of seeing them sent out for momentary outbursts of emotion in a nationally broadcast game between two Western Conference rivals.

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