Warriors’ trade talks with Western rivals have reached a “dead end”

January 24, 2023

Jakob Poeltl, a big man for the San Antonio Spurs, may not be traded by the Golden State Warriors, according to a source that claims that negotiations have reached a “dead end.”


The Warriors have long been keeping an eye on Poeltl, given their need for more frontcourt depth. The Austrian is frequently thought of as the finest center that might be available before the trade deadline on February 9.


Jakob Poeltl’s chances of joining the Golden State Warriors are minimal, given that the team declined to accede to the demands of the San Antonio Spurs.


According to a source, several clubs are interested in Poeltl, though Golden State is almost certain to withdraw, given San Antonio’s desire for two first-round picks.


According to a person who works for an NBA agent, the Spurs and Golden State Warriors’ negotiations have reportedly come to a conclusion. A Poeltl trade with the Warriors is extremely unlikely because the Spurs are interested in something other than James Wiseman or Jonathan Kuminga.


In 37 games this season, Poeltl has averaged 12.2 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2.9 assists, and 1.2 blocks. The 27-year-salary old’s in 2022–23 is only $9.4 million, but when he becomes a free agent in the offseason, he is anticipated to want a four–year, $80 million contract.


According to a source, the Toronto Raptors, Poeltl’s former team, and the Boston Celtics, the Warriors’ opponent in the NBA Finals, are among the groups reportedly interested in Poeltl. Other interested teams include Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers, and New Orleans Pelicans, rivals in the Western Conference.


The Lakers have moved for Washington Wizards forward Rui Hachimura, signaling that player activity is beginning to pick up ahead of the deadline. In exchange for the previous top-ten pick, Los Angeles gives guard Kendrick Nunn three second-round choices.


The big issue is whether the Warriors, the Western Conference’s current tenth-place team with a 23-24 record, are involved in any transactions. It is unlikely that Poeltl will be a part of any transaction.

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