Ime Udoka Suspension
September 27, 2022

NBA championship chances are starting to take shape for the 2022–23 preseason following another eventful summer for the Association.

Before Ime Udoka’s suspension, the Boston Celtics had shot to the top of most sportsbooks’ odds boards. However, the uncertainty caused by Udoka’s suspension has dragged the defending Eastern Conference champions back down to earth.

The NBA championship is up for grabs this season, so let’s look at the most recent odds.


NBA Championship Odds 2022–2023

This odds widget represents each club’s best odds offered by licensed sportsbooks. The analysis that follows might not reflect current odds.


The NBA Championship Favorites

The Golden State Warriors (+429 to +600)


Golden State Warriors odds 2023

While Klay Thompson regained some of his former rhythms after missing two full seasons, Steph Curry continued to be Steph Curry, and Draymond Green showed a dramatic downturn in the playoffs.

Given the luxury and repeater taxes Joe Lacob & Co. are paying for this roster, the retention of that trio’s supporting cast is problematic, given that they are due north of $114 million next season. Gary Payton II and Otto Porter, two crucial contributors to their championship run, have already left the team.

Nevertheless, the Warriors have vast pockets and are uniquely positioned to add youthful talent to an aging team. Speaking of which, Andre Iguodala is returning for another season. By doing this, they may be able to unlock new potential while keeping their veterans sharp for another title run.


Milwaukee Bucks (+453 to +650)


Milwaukee Bucks odds 2022Despite Khris Middleton’s injury, the Bucks defeated the Boston Celtics in a Game 7 last year. This season, they have Giannis Antetokounmpo, possibly the best basketball player currently playing, returning with renewed energy.

As very little media attention is being given to the 2021 champions in the wide-open 2022 title battle, Milwaukee’s running back will benefit from continuity and possibly from some chip-on-its-shoulder edge.

The Bucks are a dominant offensive team that has shown it can switch to defense when necessary. The only thing stopping them from making another strong postseason run is health now that Mike Budneholzer’s playoff demons have been cast out. Middleton underwent treatment for his left wrist in the summer, but he is still not fully recovered and will probably miss the start of the season.

Boston Celtics (+426 to +700)


Boston Celtics odds 2022After pulling off one of the most remarkable mid-season 180s in NBA history, the Celtics came perilously close to finalizing the transaction. Boston nearly ripped through the second half of the season like a buzzsaw, mowing out competitor after contender with its powerful defense while still fighting for a play-in spot as recently as early February.

After Ime Udoka, the Celtics’ head coach, was given a one-year suspension for having an inappropriate connection with a teammate, the team’s odds of winning the game dipped a little from where they were a week before. Since then, Joe Mazzulla has been appointed as the team’s interim head coach.

Although the Celtics haven’t dropped significantly—after all, they still have the same roster as they did a week ago—there is now uncertainty where there was none just a week earlier.


Best NBA futures bonuses

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Los Angeles Clippers (+484 to +700)


Los Angeles Clippers odds 2022Due to having a season marred by injuries, the Clippers still managed to compete for the play-in game thanks to the bold play of their group of talented swingmen and Ty Lue’s outstanding coaching.

In addition to reintroducing Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Norman Powell to the lineup this year, they will also have free access to the services of John Wall. This former All-NBA point guard strengthens an already strong rotation even more.

The Clippers may currently be the league’s deepest team, and with their All-World players back to run the show, their potential for 2022–23 is virtually limitless.


Brooklyn Nets (+ 494 + 750)

Brooklyn Nets odds 2023The future of the Nets suddenly doesn’t look so bad now that Kevin Durant’s tantrum is over, and he’s ready to rest in the bed he figuratively created for himself in Brooklyn. The Nets should be in better shape than in 2021–2022. Ideally, Kyrie Irving will join Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons to form an intriguing trio of All-Star players (assuming Simmons isn’t utterly broken).

The previous season was a terrible blot on this club, but it was also a multifaceted worst-case scenario that won’t be repeated this year.




Knowing the NBA Finals odds

NBA Finals futures will be posted by sportsbooks as early as the summer before the season begins. As players get hurt or are traded throughout the offseason, these NBA futures are continuously modified. The NBA finals chances will fluctuate every day once the regular season starts as teams win and lose games and more players get hurt or traded. Sportsbooks will modify the NBA title odds based on handle and liability to specific teams.


The odds for the NBA Championship typically look like this:

Milwaukee Bucks +240

If the Bucks win the NBA championship, you stand to make $240 on a $100 wager. The team may have a minus sign (-) in front of its odds if, nearing the end of the regular season, even during the playoffs, the NBA has a dominant squad.


Golden State Warriors: -150

If you had wagered $150 on the Golden State Warriors during the 2018–19 NBA season, you would have earned $100 if they won the title.


The American odds for the NBA championship are shown above. With our odds conversion tool, they are simple to convert to fractional odds or decimal odds.


Tips for Betting on NBA Finals Odds

There are numerous tactics to consider when placing an NBA futures wager on which team will take home the title. Of course, you want to place a bet on the NBA playoff participant you believe will prevail. Therefore, a team’s position in first place at the NBA All-Star break does not necessarily indicate that it has the best roster for postseason success.


One factor to consider is the conference the teams compete in, as a team must win its meeting to win the NBA championship. Although the East’s depth of excellent teams hasn’t been this strong in years, the West has long been regarded as the stronger of the two conferences.


Take into account how a mishap can affect a wager in the future. Assume the Milwaukee Bucks are the overwhelming favorites to win the Eastern Conference and the NBA championship. What transpires, however, if Giannis Antetokounmpo is hurt? In that situation, a futures wager on a different East contender is quite valuable.


The strength of the schedule and even load management are other factors to consider. A team can be undervalued in the futures market because it has already played the most challenging part of its schedule. As an alternative, a club may have more losses than it ought to have because, during the entire season, its best player has been benched for the second half of back-to-back contests.


Where to place your NBA Finals BET

Make sure you know the top basketball betting sites if your state permits mobile or online betting. The top betting sites provide clear odds, prompt payments, and money deposit and withdrawal processes that are safe and secure.

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