Devin Booker exploded for 51 points against the Bulls; Kevin Durant reacted to the Phoenix Suns star

December 4, 2022

On Wednesday night, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns exploded for 51 points in three-quarters of play against the Chicago Bulls. Kevin Durant, a player for the Brooklyn Nets, was impressed with his 20 out of 25 field goal percentage.


Booker has had a solid season for the top-seeded Phoenix Suns, and this was unquestionably his best performance of the year. Phoenix has a chance to establish some distance from the competition because the Western Conference has had a lackluster start to the season. The Suns have needed Devin Booker to step up even more in Chris Paul’s absence, and he has been able to do so.


The Suns are trying to show that they are legitimate competitors after one of the worst Game 7 performances in NBA history last season. Most NBA fans anticipated a Phoenix Suns vs. Golden State Warriors Western Conference Finals last season. Still, that series was never played since Phoenix suffered a devastating Game 7 loss to Dallas. 


Phoenix has so far this season successfully recovered from that catastrophe, and they want to maintain this momentum. Although Booker has given them some outstanding performances to open the year, this contest with Chicago is undoubtedly the best. Booker not only led his side to win with 51 points in just three quarters, but he also drew the eye of Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

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