Durant compares Kevin Huerter, a rising Sacramento Kings star, to Steph Curry

Kevin Durant talks
November 24, 2022

No one anticipated the Sacramento Kings to be on a commanding seven-game winning streak, even if many predicted they would be competitive this season. These victories have been specifically attributed to Kevin Huerter, who received high praise from Kevin Durant.


Durant praised Huerter and the Sacramento Kings on his Boardroom podcast for their outstanding play.


Durant characterized the Kings as ” “That’s a difficult team for anyone in the league to play,” You can’t switch anybody on to Sabonis due to his excessive strength, which throws off a lot of your defense when you play against them. If you want to keep your matchup, you must chase Kevin Huerter. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Boston Celtics or have the worst record in the league.


Durant gave Huerter the highest degree of praise, drawing comparisons to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.


“If you aren’t a basketball fan but are keeping up with the league, you must see how Kevin Huerter is shooting the ball right now. He is now playing like Klay and Steph. When you read through the stats, and everyone seems a lot comparable than what they are now in the scout, but Kevin Huerter is hitting 7 or 8 threes a game, and they’re all at fifty percent, it’s just like, “Aw shit, we’re in for a long night,” when you hear that and then see the clips or film.”


Nothing Kevin Durant says is false. Both his shooting percentage (7.4 three-pointers made per game) and points per game are at a career-high for Kevin Huerter. The league and Kevin Durant have put the Sacramento Kings and Kevin Huerter on notice because they are currently an issue.

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