LeBron James-Warriors trade proposes by NBA Writer

January 4, 2023

LeBron James, an All-Star forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, spoke out against his team’s utter mediocrity last week after yet another demoralizing loss, this one to his former Miami Heat team by a score of 112-98. Since then, talk of a potential trade that could put James back in the running for a championship has been rife throughout the NBA.


The Golden State Warriors and Miami, where The Chosen One played for his Cleveland Cavaliers from 2015 to 2018, are the two teams that Sam Quinn of a source thinks are the favorites to sign The Chosen One, who is still one of the league’s top scorers at the age of 38.


The current champions have gone through super-star forwards, but even Kevin Durant couldn’t match the notoriety of point guard and two-time MVP Stephen Curry. James may be more qualified to defer to a more well-liked local figure because he has already experienced that situation. Flash was understandably the lifeblood of the Miami Heat organization while he was a member of a squad captained by future Hall of Fame shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Its best player was James, and despite the pecking order, their friendship endured.


James has moved on to a new phase of his career and has appeared content this year to share the ball with Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ All-Star big man who, when healthy, has looked like the superior player. Would James be content with a similar arrangement on a dynasty already in place as he wants to strengthen his mantel further?


“There is some m****f**** in today’s game, but Steph Curry is the one I want to play with,” according to James. “I love everything about that guy… You better defend him as he gets out of his car as soon as he approaches the arena!”


Quinn points out that such a deal must involve a well-paid Curry co-star, most likely Draymond Green or Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson and his maximum contract might be a strong contender, given that Green is a customer of Klutch Sports and a close buddy of James. Thompson, a native of Los Angeles and the son of legendary Showtime character actor and Lakers commentator Mychal Thompson, has scored 54 points for Golden State in his most recent game against the team. He still seems to have enough left in the tank.


In addition to one of the team’s more expensive non-Curry assets (if it’s not Green or Thompson, the contract of a younger player like Andrew Wiggins or Jordan Poole would fit), Quinn claims that any deal would also need to include future draft capital. At least one of the intriguing recent lottery picks made by the Warriors, such as Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, or James Wiseman.

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